Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Visitors & Closer to Home

After a late night opening presents, some of us (aka - Nick and I) were a little slow to wake up this morning.  However, my Mom and Lisa were so excited to get to the hospital to see Georgia.  And little Miss Georgia had Nurse Georgia today!!!  Everyone on the floor found that pretty funny.  Nurse Georgia hasn't had our Georgia since she was a tiny little thing.

The best news when we got there - they decided to skip over 34cc and take her right up to 38cc.  They also increased her total goal from 45cc to 50cc (almost 2 ounces).  The TPN was gone and she's only on saline now. 

Georgia spent the day cuddling with her Mimi and Auntie Lisa...

Meeting Auntie Lisa

Cuddle time with Mimi

Georgia did a great job drinking her milk today.  She loves it!  Nurse Georgia called her a "maniac," if she doesn't get fed when she wants to.

Taking her bottle in her crib

So many loving visitors makes a sleepy baby!

Meanwhile at home, Nick was getting the house ready for Georgia's arrival...

Pack n' play (Thank you, Aunt Elaine & Aunt Pat)

Georgia's swing all set and ready for her in the family room.

That's a new sight - a car seat in the back of Nick's SUV.

And the other base in mine!

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Anonymous said...

Jenn and Nick: Such wonderful news! Happy your Mom and Lisa made the trip safely and brought Georgia so many wonderful gifts. She is a special little girl with a special family. Love to all, Linda