Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Monitor Stays?!?!?!

So today was our follow-up appointment with pulmonary down at Children's Hospital.  Again, I just put the car into auto-drive and I miraculously end up there time and time again.  Perhaps next time we can combine some appointments since I was there on Friday and now again today?!?!  Count in the pediatrician visit yesterday and we have had 3 doctors appointments in 3 days.  No wonder why I'm exhausted and feel like we just can't get on any sort of schedule!

The bad news - the monitor stays with us until the end of July.  Unfortunately, there is a list of "criteria" that is needed before you can be discharged from a monitor.  Georgia met every single one, except the last one.  You need to be 43 weeks gestational age.  Georgia is still only 38 weeks gestation.  UGH!  The Nurse Practitioner from Pulmonary was quite confused as to why Georgia was even discharged on a monitor since she has never had an apnea event, not even while in the NICU.  Her and I both!  She thought a different type of monitor would have been much more appropriate, but now that we have A*(hole-II, we have to keep him for awhile longer.  We talked for a long time and she agreed that Nick and I are doing everything right in terms of treating her supposed reflux.  She sleeps on an incline, we burp her frequently during feeds, we hold her after feeds, etc.  She was quite confused as to why she was not on any reflux meds (again, her and I both!), so she prescribed one today.

The good news - she downloaded the information from the monitor and Georgia has not had any "true" events.  The two events from this weekend were fake.  Meaning, the monitor just wasn't picking up the signal accurately.  Since we're doing such a great job with the monitor use, she did tell us we can cut back a bit and just leave it on her when she is sleeping at night or taking naps during the day.  She also needs it when she is in her car seat.  She doesn't need to be on it when she is eating or awake and interacting with Nick or myself.

I liked the Nurse from today.  She agreed that most people are in two camps - they use the monitor accurately and effectively or people just turn it off and want to throw it out the window.  We both agreed that with our family, we are in the first camp right now, but rapidly approaching the second!!!

Georgia started her reflux meds this afternoon with her afternoon bottle.  I'm not sure if it was the meds or if the hungry hippo is going through a growth spurt, but she has been absolutely starving all afternoon!  She drank her first bottle and then I tried to do a few things around the house while she napped.  Less than an hour later, she was screaming bloody murder and the only thing she wanted.... another bottle!  So, she drank about 6 oz in less than an hour.  Two hours later, same thing.  Thank goodness for an over supply of breast milk or she'd be costing us a fortune in formula at the grocery store!

Fun game of the day...  Who does Georgia look like?!?!

Jenn's baby photo

Nick's baby photo

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Roaming M's said...

I always thought she looked like you...until I saw Nick's baby photo!

There is an old wive's tale that babies look like their dad's as a "survival" thing and then as they get older they develop their "own" look, I think that was the case with Abby.

Was your wedding really 2 years ago?!?!?!?