Friday, June 3, 2011

5 Lbs at 5 Weeks!!

Today, our Georgia reached two milestones - she is officially 5 weeks old and now weighs 5.13lbs!!

Georgia and I had a great day today.  It seems like a much busier day now that Georgia is on 3 hour shift for cares instead of 4 hour.  Her cares now include diaper change, temp check, belly measurement, blood pressure, eating, and burping.  By the time I get her back into her crib, it seems like an hour or so has gone by.  I then usually pump and get in some cuddle time before we start the whole cycle again.  It's fantastic.

After rounds this morning, Georgia was increased to 6cc/feed (just over a teaspoon).  She chugged it down all day long.  I got the best surprise at her 3pm change - poop!  And just so Nick didn't feel left out, she pooped again for him later at the 9pm change.  So, the system is working.  Just slowly. 

Georgia did have to have a minor adjustment of her PICC line today.  Apparently when it was put in, it was 1cm too high.  So they had to do a bed side procedure to pull it out 1cm.  They'll re-check the placement tomorrow morning via x-ray.

Our less than stellar news of the day was we had a little "situation" this evening with the night shift.  We weren't sure who the nurse was because the only person we had seen for several hours was someone who brought in some linens.  The person never introduced themself to us and never spoke a word to us, so we were shocked to find out that person was the nurse for the evening.  It didn't get better when Nick inquired about bath time and she was less than pleased to find out that we wanted to stay to help.  In fact, she pointed out that bath time doesn't occur until 6am.  Interesting, especially considering we've been present for every bath she's ever had at the hospital and it definitely was not at 6am.  I was out of the room during this conversation, but Nick was quite upset with the way that she spoke to him.  She changed her tune a bit once I got back in the room and started inquiring about bath time.  However, she was still very cold to us and kept interrupting me when I was speaking to her or asking a question.  It left a very bad taste in our mouth for the rest of the evening.  Nick and I even discussed staying the entire night because we were highly uncomfortable with the situation.  I will absolutely be talking to someone to ensure that it does not happen again.  I've kept my mouth shut with a few different situations, but after 62 different nursing shifts over 31 days, I know when something is not right.  Nick and I go out of our way to be helpful, polite, respectful, and show our gratitude towards our nurses on a daily basis.  We've always been shown the same, until this evening.

On a brighter note, can someone please tell Georgia to stop being so darn cute?!?!  The highlights of the day...

Looking cute

Who me?

Happy baby!

Still hungry?  Eat your hand!

Nick was able to make it over for her evening bottles...

Daddy Time!

So curious!

Always so wide awake after getting her bottle!

Happy Daddy and happy baby!

Somone forgot to tell Georgia about developmental norms!  She's still -5 weeks old!!!  She is so strong.  Apparently during every shift, the nurse has to make a comment about Georgia's strength and muscle control.  Nurse Ann got a good laugh earlier in the week when someone only marked Georgia as "moderately strong."  Ann said, "Was Georgia sedated at the time?!!?  She's ridiculously strong."


Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

Yay for bottle feeds and two poops!!! She is so damn cute and i wish i could hold her!!! :(

Sorry about the nurse. Really lady, this is the NICU. Get a clue and be nicer to my family!!

Looking forward to reading more great updates!

Go Georgia Go!

Auntie Sherrie

MiMi's Golf Buddy Joan said...

I will bet money that she was an agency nurse. Just works nights o she doesn't have to interact with families. After 20+ years in healthcare I am familiar with the MO.

I am so happy to see the progress Georgia is making! and she is adorable! My husband and I are rooting for her to continue to make progress and be able to get home soon.

Anonymous said...

OMG...Georgia holds her head up beautifully, and at such a young age. She doesn't want to miss anything. Great to see her doing well- she's as cute as can be! (You and Nick are doing a great job advocating for her...keep it up!)



Anonymous said...

Perfectly precious! I love the pictures and videos. She is so strong and BEAUTIFUL! Linda

Marsha said...

She is just too adorable for words and definitely strong!