Monday, May 9, 2011

"Wild Woman..."

It's always nice to hear your 3 pound daughter referred to as a "wild woman" by her nurse.  Georgia, in typical fashion, showed her who was boss this morning.   No mask!   No cannula! I want my feet out of this bed!   You know, the usual Georgia antics.  The nurse tried to convince Georgia to enjoy the R&R and to pretend she was laying on Miami Beach working on her tan.

I swear I'm behaving!

I got some major cuddle kangaroo action today for about three hours, which was fabulous.  Georgia slept most of the time while I tried not to move a muscle. 

Meanwhile Nick was down in the lab trying to donate his blood as a direct donor, in case Georgia needs any future blood transfusions.  Luckily, Nick, myself, and Georgia all share a blood type.   I can't donate for 8 weeks because of my c-section.  Bruce also tried to make a donation since he is the same type as well, but was denied because of his unexpected trip to the dentist this morning.

Sidebar --- A huge thank you to the Greenbaum Family.  I called my co-worker, Jacquie, late last evening after Bruce lost a filling.  Her husband, Dr. Bernie Greenbaum, graciously squeezed Bruce in for an appointment at his office this morning.   It's always handy to know a dentist!!

Nick returned after several hours in the blood lab.   Apparently he is some freak of nature and his veins cross one another, so everyone wanted a look at him.   I think he was just down there eating the free cookies.   He returned with a gigantic blue bandage on his arm and complaining about the finger stick they did on him.   I reminded him of how many finger sticks, iv changes, blood draws, and staples I received over the past few weeks.   I win! Apparently he got the royal treatment down there with an ice pack for his neck and everything.   He claims they took "bags" of blood from him and mentioned something about getting "flush" afterwards!

Such a tough guy sporting his bright blue bandage!

We met the social worker who is assigned to Georgia today.  She was lovely and will be helping us with all the fun forms we get to fill out.  My favorite is that Shady Grove Hospital will not let us withdraw from our scheduled birthing classes without a doctor's note.   Think a picture of my scar and a picture of Gigi in her isolate would prove that we can skip the Lamaze this time around?!?   My other favorite office to talk to is MCPS Human Resources. Every time I talk to someone there about my leave from work, I get a different story.   They don't make it easy to have a baby and take your leave!

Since Nick was unavailable for kangaroo care today, Jan got a chance to hold the baby.  She was ecstatic to get a chance to hold Georgia for a few minutes this afternoon...

It's been one week since Georgia's surgery.   No sign of dirty diapers yet, but the surgeons remind us that it can take 1-3 weeks for her intestines to start working.   Her belly drain looks better and we're looking for that output to keep decreasing and become clear.   No more swamp water, please.  The bill lights continue to do their job and her levels are hovering around 7.   I'll be curious to hear what they are tomorrow since she spent a long time out today.

Lounging around!

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