Monday, May 23, 2011

A Weird Day...

Today was just a weird day - plain and simple.  But before I get into today's drama, let me update you a bit on Nick's day yesterday...

Nick had a great Sunday with Georgia.  They hadn't updated her bili levels, so she was free to love and cuddle all day long.  The best part - she got to play dress up with Daddy.  Nick pulled all of her preemie outfits out of the closet and picked one of his favorites to dress her up in.  Since she now weighs 3.99 lbs (love it!), they are going to start weaning her from the isolette.  Meaning, they are lowering the temperature in the isolette to see if Georgia can maintain her temperature wearing clothes and swaddled.  Nick reported that she had a great day maintaining her temp.

Some of his pictures from the day...

Outfit shopping in Georgia's closet at the hospital

All dressed up for the day!

Daddy is the best swaddler!

If she doesn't have her hands out, she gets upset!!

Snug as a bug in a rug

Waving Hi!

Hanging out with her buddies, Bear and Shamu

Wide awake for my bath

Daddy is great at bath time

Ready for bed

Just call her Maggie Simpson...

Onto today...

Well, bili levels back up after a weekend off the lights, so no more weaning from the isolette and no more clothes because she is back under the freaking lights again.

I arrived at the hospital just as they were wheeling Georgia down to radiology to have her upper GI and to take some xrays of what exactly was going on in her belly.  I sat outside for about 30-40 minutes while they ran the study.  At the conclusion, the radiologist came out and discussed his findings.  He found that the dye would go no further than the 3rd section of her duodenum.  Not surprising since the surgery was on the 4th section.  His basic conclusion was that there was still a blockage.  Not exactly what I wanted to hear.  I was so angry at that point because it felt like we had wasted 3 weeks waiting around for poop that wasn't going to happen if there was still a blockage.  Obviously, the radiologist isn't a surgeon, but when I asked about his conclusions, he basically stated that he wouldn't be surprised if she needed further surgery to correct the blockage.  Cue hysterical Jenn.  However, I held my poker face well in front of the radiologist who commented that I was the calmest mother he had dealt with in a long time.  Really?!?!  I had to explain what my royally pissed off face looked like.

When we got back to the room, they sent up xray to take two more pictures - the first would be one hour later and the second two hours later.  The good news... they finally saw movement and the dye passed through the remainder of the duodenum.  The bad news... it took several hours to do so.  That led to the next conclusion from the neonatologist that there might be some scar tissue in that area, which was slowing everything down.  The worst case would be that she would still need surgery to help make that passage wider for easier movement.  We never got to talk to the surgeon today because some big case/operation was scheduled.  I can't wait to hear his conclusion.

Finally, the radiologist again read all the xrays and decided that it wasn't a blockage and it wasn't even a constricture, but just plain old swelling.  HUH?!!?  So, now we wait and see if see if able to pass the dye completely through her bowels.  If not, the surgeons will most likely want to chat in the morning to talk about what they would like to do to fix the issue.

In the meanwhile, my boobs broke.  Well, more specifically, my right one.  Since about 7pm last night, I was getting very little to nothing from it when I was pumping.  I've already been "diagnosed" with recurrent milk duct blockage by the lactation consultant due to the fact that I'm exclusively pumping and it doesn't do nearly as well a job as a baby at clearing the ducts out.  Again, cue hysterical crying Jenn at midnight last night.  Poor Nick.  If it's not poop we're talking about, it's my broken boobs!  Finally at 7am this morning, Niagara Falls opened and the ducts finally cleared.  However, it seems to be acting up again.  If it isn't one thing...

And finally on the bad news front, Georgia scored high on her risk factor for cystic fibrosis on her newborn screening.  Dr. Stone came to talk to me about it today.  He stressed that it was probably nothing because almost all preemies fail the test.  Our conversation went something like...
Dr - No worries, most preemies fail the test
Me - Really?!?
Dr - I know what you are thinking, then why give the preemies the test.
Me - Exactly.  I really needed something else to worry about.
Dr - It's DC law to give the test.  We'll re-test her in a few weeks.  No guarantees, but I highly doubt she has cystic fibrosis.
Me - Doesn't cystic fibrosis typically impact the lungs?
Dr - Yes, but it can impact the bowels as well.
Me - Awesome.
Dr - (while eyeing the ipad on my lap) - Do you have any questions because I'm sure you are going to google this right after I walk out of the room.
Me - I'll google this right in front of you and yes, I will continue to google it after you walk out of the room. (pick up ipad and start googling)

So, in conclusion, I continue to worry about poop and now we can add my boobs and cystic fibrosis to the things I worry about in life.  When do we catch a break?!!??

There wasn't a lot of time for pictures today with all the visits from doctors and radiology taking x-rays, but I managed to sneak in an hour of kangaroo time and some quick snapshots...

Looking like she's laughing

Sporting some new prototype shades that Nurse Renee found her!


Anonymous said...

Thinking about you & Nick & baby Georgia as all these tests get done. That picture you posted tonight of Nick & Georgia belongs on the cover of a magazine! Praying for all of you.
Aunt Polly

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just wanted to tell you that my Taylor failed the CF test miserably. I panicked. It turns out that this is MUCH more common than you'd think. Chances are very high that Georgia does NOT have CF. My advice to you--don't let them try to do the sweat test too soon--little babies don't sweat and this can be very stressful. I think I have a good website on this--I'll email it to Becky to get to you...

Susan Carmi