Thursday, May 5, 2011


More great news... All of Georgia's scans and ultrasounds came back normal. She had a repeat echocardiogram, which we were not too concerned about because she had a normal result on the one they did in utero. Again, that came back normal with no heart abnormalities. She also had a renal/kidney scan, which came back normal. Finally, she had a brain scan. I've been a nervous wreck over that one because it is so common for preemies to have brain bleeds. But not our Georgia!! Everything looks great. We continue to be so blessed!

In other good news, they finally got in another PICC line early this morning. That line should last a month, so no more torturing my girl for a good vein!

At this point, we are just waiting for some good bowel news. The nurses who have been listening to her belly say they hear rumblings in there, which is great. The surgeons tell us it could still be a week or two before we see any major progress (aka - poop!!). So we wait...


Anonymous said...

Wahoo doesn't begin to cover it......go Georgia
Bring on the poop!!!!!


Aunti Patti

melissab said...

Absolutely perfect! Let the poop cheerleading begin :) xoxo Melissa

Anonymous said...

OMG! I feel that everyday is filled with so much suspense... I am so glad to hear of the great news and the videos from yesterday are precious. We'll continue praying for Georgia, for Jenn, for Nick, and a for great looking POOP!!!