Sunday, May 1, 2011


It's hard to believe the weekend is coming to a close and Georgia is now three days old.  The tentative plan still remains that she will be transferred to Children's Hospital tomorrow morning at 10am.  However, that could all change if an emergency transport is needed for another child.  In a way, I hate the waiting/guessing game, but I'm over the moon that her condition is stable enough that she is not considered an emergency case.  We asked about whether Nick can go with her during the transfer, but apparently because it involves a lot of equipment and personnel, he will not be able to go with her.  So, I'm sure he'll follow behind shortly after.

I'm not sure if I'll get down to Children's tomorrow or not.  The initial plan is to get home and settle in there for a bit.  It will be fabulous to be able to control the number of interruptions.  It seems like there is never a quiet moment here at the hospital and someone is always looking for you or needing you for something!

Nick had his kangaroo time this afternoon with Georgia.  She's so funny - she fought sleep the entire time.  She refused to relax and just take a nap.  Any little noise that happened, she started looking around and trying to seek out the noise.  SO NOSEY!!!  My Mom was standing there watching and said it reminded her of exactly how I was as a baby.  I guess revenge is here.

Fighting sleep

Then Nick changed her diaper with great success (aka - she didn't throw a complete fit this time!).  However, she doesn't stop moving the entire time.  Such a drama queen!

The nurse said we should take pictures of Georgia next to her bear so we can see how much she grows over time.  So, here is the first bear picture...

She was headed back under the lights when we left the NICU.  She is too cute with the glasses to protect her eyes (although she doesn't understand their purpose and does her best to knock them off the entire time).

Again, we want to send our thanks to everyone for their continued well-wishes, thoughts, and prayers.  People continue to ask how they can help and whether they can come visit us  At this point, we're asking if people can hold off on visiting for at least a few days.  We're not sure what our days are going to look like once I get discharged and Georgia moves to Children's.  People have volunteered to provide us with meals and frozen casseroles, which all sounds wonderful.  Again, we're just not sure what our schedule is going to look like or how we could coordinate that so that we're not completely overwhelmed with stuff on day #1.  We are beyond grateful for all the support and outpouring of love from our family and friends. 


Anonymous said...

Go Nick! Great job with the diaper change- especially considering the extra difficulty of doing it through the arm holes in the isolette! Bonus points to daddy :)
xoxo Melissa

Nick said...

I am going to try it with my eyes closed next time. :-)