Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday = Mommy's Day Off

So today was Nick's day at the hospital with Georgia while I had my "day off."  By "day off," I mean that I ran to Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's, Target, Walmart, etc. while I paid the bills and did laundry at home.  I did manage to sneak in 30 minutes to get a pedicure, which was much needed and **I think** highly deserved. 

The hardest part of not being at the hospital and out running normal errands is that there are pregnant women and babies everywhere!  It's so hard not to stare at pregnant women and wonder what I would have looked like at 8 or 9 months pregnant.  Would I be complaining about the heat today?  Would my back hurt?  Would I be nesting at home on a pretty Sunday afternoon?  It's even harder to not stare at babies.  I hope no one thought I was the crazy stalker lady today, but it's so difficult to not look and think about Georgia and wonder when she will be allowed out of the house to run to Target with me once this whole saga finally ends down the road.  I have no idea what sort of "restrictions" will be placed on her once she is released from the hospital.  I've heard that house arrest is quite often the case for the first six months home with very limited visitors in order to allow her immune system to develop and get stronger.  I've even put my search for daycare on hold at this point because I'm not certain when she will be allowed to go to regular daycare.  We may need to go the nanny route in order for me to ever return to work in the fall.

Even though today was my off day, I thought of nothing but Georgia the entire day.  One reason is that half the errands involved her in one way or another, but also because I now have to plan my entire day around pumping.  I have the portable pump and kept it in the car with me, but even finding a quiet, semi-hidden place to pump is a challenge.  I certainly don't want to be the lady flashing people from my car in the parking lot (that plus my stalker status would not be good for my reputation!).  Last week my mom was able to at least find a dark space in a parking garage at Nordstrom for me to quickly pump on a quiet weekday morning at the mall.  However, a busy Saturday at the mall is a completely different story.  I couldn't find a parking space period, nevermind a semi-secluded spot.  I already feel like half the hospital has seen me naked.  I definitely do not need to include the patrons of Montgomery Mall in that club!

I made Nick promise to take lots of pictures today at the hospital.  Judging from the dozens of texts and photos I received on my phone today, I'm sure he didn't disappoint. 

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