Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our New Normal

Over the past week, we've settled into a new routine with Georgia in the hospital and Nick and I home from work. Many people have asked about our new schedule, so here's a snapshot...

12am - Last pump of the day/Bedtime
2-3am - Up to pump
6-7am - Up to pump
7-9am - Attempt to doze for a bit while we try to ignore the construction crews all around/Check in with nurse to get overnight report on Georgia
10-12pm - Get ready for the day/Pack for hospital/Pump before we leave
12-1pm - Arrive at hospital and get report from nurse on duty
1-2pm - Hang out with Georgia
2-3pm - Grab some nasty tasting hospital food for lunch or something we've brought from home/Pump
3-7pm - Hang out with Georgia/Pump & Pump (Moooo!)
7-8pm - Hunt down more nasty hospital food to eat for dinner
8-9pm - Say our goodnights to Georgia/Final pump at the hospital
9:30pm - Leave hospital for night
10-10:30pm - Get home
10:30-12am - Open mail/Return emails & calls/Attempt to relax for few minutes/Upload all photos & videos from day to update blog/Georgia's laundry from the hospital (usually blankets and hats)
And repeat!!!

So far that schedule works for us. I'm sure it will change a bit when Nick heads back to work in another week. When Georgia starts being able to take food, I'm sure it will change my schedule around here too. I know lots of people dread pumping, but right now it's the only thing I have control of and can do to help Georgia. The lactation consultant, Jodie, has been fabulous and I love meeting with her to get her advice, tips, and tricks.

Apparently yesterday was Nurse's Day. Considering Nick and I have no idea what day of the week it is, I'm not surprised it snuck by us. Over the past few weeks we've been very lucky to have interacted with many wonderful nurses and nurse practitioners. So I feel like I need to at least publicly thank all the amazing nurses who took care of Georgia and I here at Children's and previously at Holy Cross. From the High Risk Perinatal Center (aka - my home away from home for 2.5 weeks) - a huge thanks to Dena, Kristin, Brittany, Bridget, Shelley, Maryam, Sooki, and Karen for taking care of me and making sure Georgia stayed inside me for a few more weeks. Georgia wasn't at the NICU long at Holy Cross, but while she was there, Jenni, Amy, Mary, Neka, and Jennifer took good care of her. And here at Children's we've gotten to know Casey, Kathy, Cassie, Erica, Donna, Janice, and Kate. Thank you to all the nurses who've taken care of us, answered all our questions, comforted us and held our hands during the scary times, tucked us in for the night, changed our ivs and taken our blood as gently as possible, cleaned our incisions, given us our meds, and been our friends.

And finally, a big congratulations to my oldest godson, Nathan!! He's making his first communion today. We're sorry we can't be there, buddy. Georgia can't wait to meet her older cousin.

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