Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Blue Eyed Girl...

Today was a great day for Georgia - she remains on the lowest oxygen mixture, which means it is just forcing air into her body.  She's been very alert and opens her eyes constantly to find out what is going on.  She loves to have a good cry whenever anyone moves her around.  And she LOVES to cuddle!!   I got to take her temperature today under her arm and it was 98.1, which was great.  I also got to change her diaper.  They are so tiny!!!!  There was a change in plans and she gets to stay an additional day here at Holy Cross with us, which was awesome news to me.  I was already missing her and she was just one floor away.  Apparently she wasn't listed on the surgery schedule for Sunday, so they gave us the option of keeping her here one additional night and we jumped at the chance.

I also had a great day - no more ivs!!!!!!!  You cannot even begin to understand how thrilled I was with this news.  I also am now free to take showers again.  As soon as they told us, I was in there scrubbing away happy as can be.  Again, thank god for my mom who helped to scrub me down and get all the blue/green dye off my back from surgery.  I'm still a little stiff from surgery.  Getting in/out of bed is the worst.  However, Nick thinks I'm getting a lot faster and I've only been up and about for about 15 hours or so.  Luckily, they've still got me on a bunch of pain killers, which helps to take the edge off.  They already took the dressings off my incision site and the doctor thinks everything is healing well.

I also finally got my fantasty - a peanut butter cup blizzard!!!!  The best husband in the world ran out and got me one as a treat today.  I haven't eaten it eat - it's waiting in the freezer.  I plan on licking the cup clean after kangaroo time tonight.

My mom has switched around her travel plans and will stay with us here until Wednesday.  Nick's parents will then arrive and help us.  I hope to be discharged on Monday and have a few days adjusting to life back at home with my mom's help. 

Some pictures from the day...

Getting the stink eye!

Staring at Mimi

Look at my big blue eyes

Georgia (and Mommy) LOVE kangaroo care time!

Hanging onto Mimi during cuddle time

Family Time (Yes, Jenn is obviously sleep deprived and well-drugged!!)

Three generations of blue-eyed girls

If they let me, I'd stay with her like this all day.  It's the best time of the day!

Finally Mommy let Daddy have a turn!

Cuddle time is fantastic with Daddy!

Georgia already has Daddy's heart (quite literally) wrapped around her little fingers!

I cry every time they put me back into my isolette, which breaks my Mommy's heart.


Bruce said...

Thank you for posting these pictures, I look for updates throughout the is almost as good as being there. Can't wait until we are. Love, Jan

Anonymous said...

Jenn & Nick,
Georgia looks great, great, great!!!She will get stronger every day. Take Care Aunt Polly

Anonymous said...

OMG, Jenn! She is adorable!!! I am ecstatic for you and your family!