Monday, May 2, 2011

The Next Steps...

So, we're onto Phase II of our journey.  I was officially discharged from Holy Cross Hospital today after an almost 3 week stay.  It felt fabulous to be able to leave and head home.  However, not leaving with my baby was heart breaking.  Georgia and I got in some good kangaroo cuddle time last night.  The nurses let me hold her for about 2 1/2 hours before she went back into her isolette for the night.  This morning, I got in another hour before handing her over for the day.  It took a small army (aka - Nick and my mom) to pack me up.  It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate during a 3 week hospital stay.  My mom then drove me home while Nick remained behind with Georgia awaiting transfer to Children's.

Again, I continue to be in awe of people's generosity.  We arrived home to find our neighbor (whom I had never even had a chance to meet yet) mowing our lawn.  Apparently the other night my mom bumped into his wife in the driveway and she immediately expressed her concern that she hadn't seen us around and hadn't seen any lights on at the house.  So, my mom explained the situation to her.  She must have sent her husband over to mow our very unsightly yard!  Again, just amazed at people's generosity and kindness towards us, even perfect strangers.

Georgia was transferred to Children's Hospital early this afternoon.  Nick wasn't able to go in the ambulance with her, but he was able to follow right behind.  She was checked into the NICU there and did well with the transfer. 

The most surprising news of the day is that it appears as though she will be having her surgery tonight.  I know I've asked a lot from people in terms of prayers and good thoughts, but if people haven't run out of them yet, please say an extra one tonight.  I know she' s a fighter and has been amazing so far, but she is just so tiny.  The thought of my little miracle undergoing surgery so soon is just beyond me right now.  So, the next few hours we'll just be waiting to hear how things go.  Nick is at the hospital with her and won't leave her side under she is wheeled into the operating room.  Hopefully once her tummy is fixed, we can work on fattening her up and getting her home with us!!!


Bruce said...

Our prayers are with Georgia tonight. So pleased to hear you are home at last as well. Love, Jan

Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

You have not asked a lot from people....prayers and positive thoughts are plentiful for your little miracle fighter. I will have my phone by my side until I get a text from Nick telling me she made it through just fine. And she will!!!

So glad you are home. Get some well deserved rest!! Your baby girl is in good hands. She will be home soon enough.