Monday, May 16, 2011

A New Schedule...

So Nick returned to work today, which changed around our daily schedule a bit.  Since my mom is here, we all carpooled down I-270 together today.  We dropped Nick off at the Grosvenor metro stop so that he could grab the train into the office.  Mom and I ran a few errands on the Pike (aka - more breastfeeding supplies at Buy Buy Baby; I'm working on feeding a small nation at this point!) and then headed into the hospital.

The first thing we noticed when we walked into Georgia's room (besides another new nurse, but we loved Ann today! ) was that she had NO bili lights!!!!!  What a great day.  I was surprised because when I talked to the nurse this morning, she mentioned that the bili level had gone up to 5.  I wasn't surprised considering Daddy-Roo held her for hours yesterday, so she never really was under them.  However, when Dr. Stone came in and heard that they only went up that little when she wasn't under them, he agreed to give her a break for a day or two.  He later stopped in and said that her bili levels will continue to increase when she is not on the light because of her lack of bowel movements.  He said he'd keep her off until she hit level 7 or so and then bring it back down.  So, it was a great day for Georgia because she didn't have to deal with those silly glasses.

Look, no glasses!

Mom and I learned today that Georgia is one popular lady.  She has visitors all day long!  Several nurses stopped in to see how she was doing.  The transport team came to check in on her.  And so on.  Even as I walk up and down the halls, I constantly get, "Did she poop yet?!?!"  The whole unit is rooting her on!

I got in some good quality rooing time myself today.  We couldn't let Daddy get all the bragging rights.

She loves to hold onto those bra straps!

Some of us just can't roo all day because we still have to pump on a schedule, so Mimi got some quality time with her Gigi too.

And a big stretch!

Nick hitched a ride over to the hospital after work with his buddy, Kaliq.  Nick claimed that Kaliq wanted to come up to meet Georgia.  I think he came up just to check on the pretty nurses!  :)  Daddy immediately wanted some Georgia time for himself...

I'm still not too sure about you people!

Plotting general evilness!!

Happy baby

I love my Daddy!

Enough with the pictures, people!

We've learned that Georgia perks right up around 7pm and tonight was no exception.  She was wide awake until we left about 90 minutes later...

I have to send a huge thank you out to my mom's friend, Marcia, who sent us a whole big batch of great food yesterday.  It was so nice to eat some actual vegetables tonight!  Yes, it was in the car on the ride home from the hospital, but it tasted great.  Any night without hospital food is a great night.  Thank you!!!!!

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theroamingms said...

For such an early peanut she really is alert! I am so glad to see her progressing well.