Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Morning Update...

Just a quick update...

Spoke to Nick this morning.  He stayed by Georgia's side all night long and tried to catch a bit of sleep in a recliner that is in her room.  He said that she did great all night - her heart rate is steady and she's got great lungs.  They gave her a small blood transfusion after surgery.  Nick just got the results of his blood work back and he is a match for Georgia.  So am I, but I'm not allowed to donate any blood for another 8 weeks after my surgery.  So, hopefully, if she needs any more blood from here on out, she can get her Daddy's. 

She's such a wiggle worm that she's already battered her central line (we were told it was supposed to last a month!), so they are looking for a new place to put in a new line for her.  She's still intubated, but starting to wake up and move around again.  Nick said that she was squeezing and holding onto his finger.  She's also been breathing over her ventilator since last night.  He said that she has a small incision to the right of her belly button from the surgery.

Visiting hours for non-parents starts at 10am, so my mom and I are eager to get there and see the princess.

We received several packages upon our arrival back home yesterday.  A huge thanks to my Aunt Elaine who hunted down my breast pump at my mom's house and shipped it out right away!!  I never thought I'd get so excited to see a breast pump.

It was beautifully wrapped and all ready for my shower!

Aunt Elaine also found the cutest little preemie outfit with matching hat, socks, and mittens.  Hopefully, Georgia can wear clothes soon because she's got an entire closet full!

Speaking of clothes... She also got a huge shipment of clothes from her Aunt Sherrie and Uncle Ken yesterday.

I can't wait to see my girl!!!!

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