Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life at Children's Hospital

So Miss Georgia has spent her first 24 hours here in the NICU at Children's Hospital.  We have nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff - all the nurses and doctors have been amazing.  Georgia had a fabulous nurse today, Kathy.  You could tell she just loves her job and babies.  It made me feel much more comfortable about her being here.

Mom and I relieved Nick around 10:30 this morning.  He finally made it home to get some sleep while my mom and I spent the day with Georgia.  In typical drama queen fashion, she had a Brady episode (where her heart rate slows way down) shortly after her Daddy left.  I sat frozen in horror as several nurses ran in to check her, increase her oxygen levels, etc.  The episodes only last for a few minutes, but they take years off my life.  I can't move.  I can't speak.  I can't breathe.  I just wait and pray that she fights back like she has done every time in the past.

Early in the day - intubated & view of tummy scar

Peeking at Mommy with one eye & giving high-fives

They gave her another dose of morphine after the episode was over to help with pain and to keep her fairly sedated today.  Her intubation tube had been removed earlier in the day.  We are still awaiting a scan of her brain some time this evening.  We'll be praying that everything comes back clear and that she doesnt have any bleeding in any of the ventricles in her brain.  Later in the week, they will update her echocardiogram and check her kidneys for any issues.

Late this afternoon, Kathy gave us the best gift - I got to hold Georgia for several hours.  She swaddled her all up in the new blankets her Mimi went and got her this week.  She even got "dressed" for the first time and had on a long sleeve shirt.  She slept for hours in my arms.  I couldn't feel my elbows and I thought my bladder might explode, but I didn't care.  I cherished every minute.  I got to switch off with my mom for a bit and she finally got to hold her granddaughter for the first time.  We thought it was time for her to go back in her isolette when Kathy returned, but after checking her temperature, she allowed her to stay out, so I got even more cuddle time.  It was the best moments of the day.  I never want to put her down.

All swaddled in her new blanket

Holding my girl

Snuggling with Mimi

More Mimi cuddle time

By 8pm,  my body was done.  My poor ankles are all swollen and even the pain meds aren't much relief.  The ride in/out of the city is torture for my incision.  I feel every bump, pothole, etc. and there are tons!  Again, leaving my little bug overnight by herself is just horrible.  I know she is being well cared for, but my entire body aches when I leave her.

Is she flipping me the bird?!?

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised on how much bigger she looks. I think she is growing fast! I saw the video of her crying and it brought a tear to my eyes. Beautiful beautiful little girl. I wonder if she knows all the people who lover her with all our hearts! It must be working because she keeps fighting and getting bigger. XXOO Love, Great Aunt Mary Grace (did I tell you how much I love her name!)