Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Want My Georgia Back, Please...

Well, today sucked.  There's no other way to put it.  I apologize if I offend anyone with saying it like that, but it sucked.  We've been warned that this whole experience would be a roller coaster ride with ups and downs.  We've been so lucky to have had so many UP moments recently.  I've been trying to enjoy the ups, while remaining realistic that days like today are going to happen.  I hope that today was one of the only down moments we experience because it completely drained me.  I am emotionally, psychologically, and physically exhausted from today's experience.

I spent most of the day either in tears staring at monitors or having a few private words with the man upstairs.  I've begged, I've pleaded, and I've resorted to getting feisty, like my little girl.  If you want to mess with someone, you mess with me.  Leave my 3 lb daughter out of it!

Georgia was just "off" all day today.  Her numbers were bizarre and she kept having those freaking bradys all day long.  At one point, it even looked like she wasn't maintaining her temperature.  It was like an all system failure that occured all at one time.  They finally called in the Physican Assistant who ordered some additional labs to find out if she has an infection or might be getting sick.  The nurse even discovered that at some point that poor Georgia had thrown up inside of her isolette. 

This behavior continued from about the time Nick and I arrived around 11:30 until 7pm.  Thankfully at 7pm, there was a shift change and Nurse Christine came aboard for the night.  We quickly learned that Nurse Betsy from the day shift was an idiot.  She had forgotten to turn on the warmers while she was examining Georgia, which explained her radical temperature drop.  As soon as the warmers were turned back on, Georgia went right back to her normal temperature.  At least one system was working again!  Also, Christine decided to use suction to clear Georgia's tube (if you remember from last night, it was switched from suction to gravity control).  Well, there was a ton of air in her belly, as well as a bunch of green gunk.  It was like flipping a switch.  Once that stuff was all out, Georgia immediately went back to being her old self.  All of her numbers went back to her "typical" range and she didn't have another brady for the remainder of the evening.  Nurse Christine is my hero!  I promised I'd give her a call around 3am when I'm up pumping to check in to make sure Georgia was still on the upswing. 

Days like today are just rough on the system.  I knew something was off all day with her.  She just wasn't her usual self.  We're hoping that by clearing out her tummy, it made her feel better.  We won't know the lab results until tomorrow morning, but I'm hoping there is no infection and Georgia was just letting us know that she had a tummy ache.  She was also getting her nightly dose of caffeine (ironic because if someone gave me caffeine at night, I'd be up the entire night), which usually helps with the bradys. 

It's so hard to leave on nights like tonight.  But, I felt better knowing that Christine was on for the rest of the evening.  And Nick and I realize how important it is for us to get some actual rest at home by sleeping in our own bed.  I'm praying that one of our favorite nurses, Cassie, is back on tomorrow.  She was with us most of last week and knows Georgia really well.  She was off the past three days.  I get frustrated with the nursing rotation because it seems like we get attached to certain staff and then they are off for a few days and get assigned to different babies.  We like consistency.   It's so much easier if the staff already know Georgia, her quirks, her typical behavior, etc.  As Bruce noticed this weekend, it seemed like we were downgrounded to the B Team at some point!

Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers, thoughts, and well wishes.  I'm hoping that Georgia has a fabulous day tomorrow so that she can come out and be held and we can take lots of pictures/videos to share with everyone.  It seems so strange to not have documented Georgia's day 12.

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