Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Two Week Birthday...

It's hard to believe it, but Georgia Grace was born two weeks ago today. 

Overall, today was a pretty good day.  Unfortunately, since she was spitting up overnight, she had to have her drain put back in to remove some of the bile from her belly.  Nick and I weren't too surprised since she had both the drain and the cannula removed yesterday.  Her nurse today (yes, another new nurse) said that she heard some good bowel sounds in her belly this morning.  We were hoping that maybe Friday the 13th would produce some poop, but no luck so far!  At this point, I'm ready to have t-shirts made when the event occurs.  Georgia is so popular in the NICU that Nick and I cannot walk down the halls without having random nurses stopping us to ask if there are any dirty diaper reports yet.  The lactation consultant is just dying to get her eating.

Our new nurse today, Debbie, was great.  She was retired from the Air Force and was very informative about everything she was doing with Georgia.  She referred to her as a "wild one."  The kid is going to have a reputation soon!  In fact, Georgia moves around so much and tugs at her bili glasses so much that she already stretched her first pair out.  So, they came home with us tonight. 

Georgia's bear sporting the bili glasses (Thank you, Auntie Melissa, for the bear!)

We had a few quick bradys today, but nothing major.  She's been doing a good job of recovering quickly on her own.  That means that we or the nurses don't have to intervene to help her recover. 

Since I'm always talking about her bradys, I thought I'd include a picture of her monitor from today.  The green top line is her heart rate.  The blue in the middle is her oxygen.  The white on the bottom is the number of breaths she is taking per minute.  The screen below looks gorgeous and we wished she had this screen all day long.  This is "typical" Georgia.  The trouble starts when her heart rate (green line) drops below 100 or when her oxygen level (blue line) drops below 85 and she desaturates.  That's when the alarm sounds, the nurse comes in to check on her, and I get another gray hair.

If anyone watched "Grey's Anatomy" this week there was a scene where Meredith and Derek were talking in the hospital room of their new adopted baby and there was a monitor in the background.  I know I've been staring at Georgia's  monitor for too long when during that scene, I didn't pay any attention to the dialogue or what was happening because I just stared at the monitor the entire time!

Unfortunately, Georgia's bili level went up again last night to above 8, so she was back on one of her spotlights.  So, I only got to take her out for about one hour of kangaroo time.  Nick took that time to read Georgia one of the many books that she has received lately (Thank you, Aunt Polly!). 

Sleeping on her favorite side

Miss Spotlight

Nick reading "I Love You Through and Through" during kangaroo time

Bath time tonight was great.  The best news from bath time - Georgia's weight is officially 3.32.  She is back to her birth weight!!!  In fact, she is above her birth weight since that was 3.30.  YEAH GEORGIA!!!!  Never in my life have I watched a scale and prayed for it to tick up.  Most of my life has been spent begging the scale to go down, but it feels great to see her weight go up.  Now if only she could have some real food maybe we could aim for 4 lbs.

Bath time

During "care time" with Nurse Rachelle

Doing her best to suck her thumb, which she managed to do a few times today.

Hanging out with Mama while Daddy and the nurse change the bed.

A huge thank you to my co-workers, Georgia's self-proclaimed "Jewish Fairy Godmothers,"  who sent an amazing chair for her room today so she would have a place to read all her books.  Thank you so much to my teammates - Jacquie, Etty, Janet, Jenn, Joanne, Nancy and Leslie - for that wonderful chair.  I can't wait to see her sitting there kicking her legs away (like always). 

How amazing is this chair from Pottery Barn Kids?!?!

Georgia's new chair matched her room perfectly.

I also need to give a big thanks to another co-worker, Beth Mac, for sending Georgia an adorable little outfit and blanket set.  I keep trying to convince Ms. Mac that she needs to retire from teaching kindergarten and become Georgia's private daycare provider!!  I'm still working on that...

Just when I think Georgia has every cute preemie outfit in existence, someone else sends another adorable outfit!  Thanks, Ms. Mac!!

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Anonymous said...

Jenn- Love the two video clips of you holding Georgia. She looks SO adorable and you look radiant! Motherhood really suits you! :) Etty