Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, especially the ones in our lives...

My mom walking me down the aisle on our wedding day

Nick and his mom on our wedding day

Nick and his grandmothers

When we arrived at the hospital today, a little present was awaiting me for Mother's Day from the hospital staff...

Georgia's footprints

Miss Georgia had another great day today.  She has a new nasal cannula in her nose.  She does not require the high flow cannula anymore, so she is on a lower flow cannula with less moisture.  The nurse practitioner made that decision after walking in this morning and finding Georgia with her cannula on her forehead!!!!  Her bilirubin level is down to 7.2.  She is still under the lights (and probably will be until she is down around level 5), but the surgeon who was in today was not too surprised considering the duodenal atresia's impact on her intestines.  He thought she would have an elevated level for the next month or so. 

The best news - since it was Mother's Day, she was able to come out and play today!!!!!

How stinkin' cute is she in her new hat (from Lorraine) and new blanket (from Aunt Elaine)
Happy Mother's Day to me - we got to kangaroo care for the first time since she was transferred to Children's Hospital.

Family Photo

Cuddling with my lovebug

Daddy was jealous of Mommy's time with Georgia, so he got some kangaroo time too!!

The nurses are pretty impressed with Georgia's skill with a pacifier considering she is so little and it is an older baby skill. 

Great Aunt Susan and Great Uncle Malon arrived just in time to witness bath time.  After last time, we were a tad bit nervous.  But Nurse Cassie did an awesome job of coaching us through it this time and Georgia did SO MUCH BETTER (as did we!).  She must have been showing off for her visitors.

In good news, Georgia now weighs 3.04 lbs (up from 2.99).  Most newborns lose about 10% of their body weight after birth and she was no exception (her birthweight was 3.3 lbs).  We want to see that number climb!!!! 

Hi guys!!!

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Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

What a great blog! I'm so happy you got to cuddle w/Georgia on your special day. She's so strong, just like her Momma!

Keep on impressing us little one!

Auntie Sherrie