Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Happy Ending...

So, this morning started off pretty crappy.  Georgia's bili levels were above 8, so she was back on the lights after a few days of freedom.  We also learned upon our arrival that they needed to put in another IV line so that she could get a blood transfusion (see post below). 

Dr. Stone stopped by at one point to ask how the day was going.  We chatted about the IV situation, his response, "It will happen."  We chatted about the poop situation, his response, "It will happen."  I'm glad he's certain!

Wide awake during her adventurous day!

Thankfully this evening, Nurse Joy from the Transfer Team entered our lives and saved the day.  It took her about 30 seconds to get an IV into Georgia after we watched two other RNs and two other nurse practitioners try for long lengths of time during the day.  My poor baby has holes all over her, including her heels, legs, and arms.  So, a massive huge thank you to Nurse Joy!!!!  Since they couldn't get the blood into her earlier in the day, they gave her some extra fluids through her PICC line.  As we left tonight, the night nurse had just started the blood transfusion.  So hopefully Georgia's labs will be much improved tomorrow morning.  Everyone was fairly impressed that even with her low blood levels, her color still looked good, she was breathing without any support, and that she wasn't having any brady events.

Proud of his blood being injected into Georgia

In other news, both Nick and I both got to kangaroo with Georgia today...

Daddy and Georgia taking a nap together

Georgia was wide awake at the end of the day after they finally got in the IV line.

Staring at her Daddy

Talking with Mimi

Kisses from Daddy

Nick trying to convince Georgia that he really is her Daddy, even though everyone claims she looks just like me!

Hope everyone caught the ABC local news tonight at 11pm.  You may have spotted both Georgia and myself!  She was the cutie-pie in the pink hat (you can spot Shamu in her isolette - thanks Nate & Matthew!!!).  We're expecting calls any moment now from Hollywood agents...    Hopefully will post the story sometime soon.  We'll be sure to post the clip, if possible. 

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