Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

Today was a special day because it was our first family birthday celebration.  Nick turned 33 today!  Hopefully for the next family birthday, Georgia will be home with us to celebrate.

Our morning started off by sleeping in a bit and then dropping off Nick at work.  We figured the birthday boy deserved a lift to his office.  My mom and I then ran to the mall quickly to do a few returns/exchanges.  You see, Georgia has a problem.  It's a common problem with the women of our family.  She's a total clothes hog!!!  She has one of everything.  Actually, it's more like two of everything.  So we ran in to exchange some items for bigger sizes.  So, if anyone sees Georgia in a year and thinks to themself, "Hmmm... I could have sworn I bought her that outfit, but it was in a newborn size," you probably did!!!  But so did three other people, so we're spreading out the sizes a bit more.

The diva's closet!

When we got to the hospital, we learned that they didn't even bother to order labs to check her bili levels for the day, which meant that she was free of the lights again.  I think today might be the last day of that considering they were drawing labs when we left tonight.  Dr. Stone warned us that her levels would keep increasing, so I'm predicting a sun tanning baby tomorrow!  The other good news is that her pump/drain was again switched to gravity.  The last time they did this, she started having bradys like crazy and kept spitting up.  So, this was essentially trial #2 for the gravity.  She had a great day with few bradys, so hopefully her belly is finally done with all that nasty green swamp crap and is starting to use her bowels to pass it on out!!  Every nurse who listens to her belly says they hear great bowel sounds.  It just needs to come out.  We're praying for poop!

Kangaroo time!

Nurse Felisha was awesome today.  She got Georgia practicing her sucking on her pacifier by swaddling her so tight she couldn't escape!   Felisha said it was great that she was sucking away and still maintaining great oxygen levels.  I have a feeling the kid will have no problem eating once she gets her clearance.  She loves to lick my neck and roots around during kangaroo time. 

Practicing sucking

Unfortunately, no poop for Daddy's birthday!  I've even gotten to the point of bribing nurses.  Since Georgia didn't want the bribe I offered her, I've moved onto bribing medical staff.  I'm not sure what the prize is yet, but I'm starting to tell nurses that whomever gets her to poop, wins!!!  Again, not sure what they will win, but I'm feeling generous in this department.  It will at least earn them a free t-shirt with "I got Georgia to poop on x/x/xx" printed on it.  They can wear it proudly around the unit because many great nurses have done their best to try.

Nick took the metro over to the hospital this evening after work.  Since it wasn't a bath night, we let Daddy have some good birthday cuddling before we took off for the night.  Georgia was so funny when we put her back into her isolette for the night.  I think because she was swaddled so tight all day, she couldn't wait to stretch out.   We took advantage of that time to measure her.  Tonight she was 17 inches long (birth length was 16.25). 

Hanging out with her isolette friends, bear and shamu!

Looking long and lean


We had to have a little "party" back at the house for the birthday boy.  So, my mom treated us to Chinese take-out and Nick opened his gifts.  My mom snuck out early this morning to grab a cake from the store, so we could have a proper celebration. 

Forgot to mention that it is ALSO the cat's 3rd birthday!  She helped with the candle blowing.

Opening a present from Ken/Sherrie

Opening presents from my mom

A new dvd player for my techy geek!

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