Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Great Day!

We've been told by so many people and read so many articles that say that life in the NICU is a total roller coaster filled with ups and downs.  So, I'm very hesitant to say that today was a great day because I don't want to jinx tomorrow.  But, today was really a great day for Georgia.

The best news - NO bradys today (at least none that the nurses dared to tell me about!). 

Daddy got to the hospital first, so he got some good snuggle time in this morning.

Love this picture - almost looks like a smile!!

All cuddled up with Daddy

She got to have her IV taken out of her hand today.  She held onto Daddy and put on a brave face!  I did the same thing the entire time I was in the hospital and they would change my IVs.

She held her Daddy's hand and buried her head while the nurse removed the IV.

We don't have the results yet, but she has had a kidney/renal scan, a brain scan, and a heart echo all in the past 24 hours.  Fingers crossed that nothing else shows up! 

According to her nurses, she looks just like ME!!!!!  Nick is not happy about that!  :)  She definitely has the Spellissy pug nose, blue eyes, very blonde eyebrows, and a bunch of blonde hair on her head. 

They tried to replace her PICC line again today, but no luck.  Nick and I were kicked out of the room for almost 2 hours this afternoon while they tried to get a new line in her leg or arm, but it was unsuccessful.  They said they might try again this evening.  It's horrible because they have to drug her up and she's fairly sedated afterwards.  We're praying they are able to get that line in tonight.

Unfortunately, my mom left today.  She'll be back in 10 days.  I don't know how we can even begin to thank my mom for all that she has done for us over the past week.  She hasn't left our sides unless it was to run an errand for us or do something at the house.  I'm so glad she was here the night Georgia was born and that she got to see her within a few hours of her delivery.  No matter how old you are, you always want/need your mommy!  Since I've gotten home, my mom has been getting up with me in the middle of the night to help with pumping, buying Georgia new clothes/blankets for her isolette, and making sure that I get some rest and relaxation all while coordinating life here at home.  She's been my chauffer, chef, maid, nurse, secretary, etc.  The night Georgia had surgery was just torture for me because I wasn't at the hospital, but my mom just held my hand and we prayed together that everything would be okay while we waited word from Nick.  Georgia has no idea how lucky she is to have a grandmother like my mom.  Mimi and "Gigi" will be fast friends, guaranteed!!!

As my mom walked out of the hospital, Jan and Bruce walked in.  So, the next shift has arrived.  They each got to spend a few minutes with Georgia and meet their granddaughter.  Unfortunately, they arrived right as the PICC procedure was starting, so they didn't get to spend much time with her.  Hopefully that will be remedied over the next few days.

We got some great pictures and videos of Georgia tonight.  The ultrasound tech showed up to take a look at her kidneys, which woke her right up.  She battled him the entire time and wouldn't stop being a wiggly worm.  He had to pull down her diaper to get some shots and Georgia decided to pee right on her bed!

Wide awake and staring at my hand!

Hi guys!!

Daddy peeking in on me.

The kid is a total diva when she puts on her blue light glasses!

And my favorite, some videos of our princess!

We're settling into a routine at the hospital and learning all the tricks we can from the nurses, who have been amazing.  Thank goodness Nick has two weeks of paternity leave, so he can spend a ton of time with Georgia. 

Tomorrow is another day that we get with our miracle...


Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

Thanks for posting the videos! Yup, sitting at work w/tears of joy running down my face. What a little miracle baby!! And sorry Nick, but so far...Georgia is all Jenn! No doubt, she is the best parts of both of you.

Looking forward to hearing great reports on all her scans/tests.


Susan said...

Love the videos! I feel like I was right back in the room with her. See you soon Gigi!