Friday, May 13, 2011

Georgia 2.0

***Sorry for the delay, folks.  I wrote this post last night and blogger has been down for maintenance for the past 18 hours or so.  I had no idea Georgia was such a superstar internet celebrity baby until this morning when I received so many texts and emails asking why the daily update was missing and was everything okay.  So, keep in mind this was written in regards to yesterday, Thursday.**

Can anyone guess who came up with today’s blog title?  It certainly wasn’t Georgia’s Mommy.  But, Georgia 2.0 does adequately describe our new and improved Georgia.  Thank you to everyone who texted, called, and emailed today saying that they hoped we had a better day today after yesterday’s fiasco.  Someone up there must have been listening because today was a great day for Georgia.  What a ride!

Let’s start at the beginning…
We had an early start to the day because I had my 2 week follow-up appointment this morning.  All was good.  I highly recommend the NICU diet for anyone wanting to lose some of that pesky baby weight.  A combination of stress and eating really horrible hospital food results in a 10 lb weight loss in 6 days.   Beat that, Weight Watchers!  The doctor was thrilled with my progress and my scar looks good (I’ll still take peoples’ word on that one – I’m not looking!), so I don’t have to go back for another month.  The best news – I can drive again!!!!  Nick had stayed in the car to do some work during my appointment, so when he picked me up at the front door, I promptly kicked him out of the driver’s seat and re-took control of one aspect of my life.  I hadn’t driven my car since April 12th, the day I was admitted to the hospital.  It felt AWESOME to drive again.  Plus, it freed up Nick, who actually got to spend the hour drive into the city working on his laptop.  Everyone knows how much I appreciate multi-tasking!

When we arrived at the hospital, we met another new nurse (Dear Nursing Supervisor, I know you are avoiding me.  Can’t wait to chat about your scheduling rotation the next time we bump into each other!)  who was assigned to Georgia today.  She reported that Georgia had a great night and that during morning rounds, the doctors decided they wanted to remove her nasal cannula and her drain.  AHHHHH!  What a great day.  No one mentioned it again for a few hours, but when Nick and I returned from lunch, there was my beautiful girl.  It was the first time I’d seen her (not counting immediately after I delivered her) without “stuff” on her face.  She looked so different.  Who knew she had chubby cheeks?!?  I always just assumed that was from the tape pushing on her cheeks.  Nick and I just stared at her for a good 10 minutes.  And, of course, we each took about 50 pictures of her.  The kid is going to think she is a super-model!  She still has some residual tape on her face, but I figure we’ll get that off her tomorrow at bath time.  We were just so thrilled to see her without all the junk covering up her cheeks and chin.  Georgia definitely knew something was up and kept touching her face for the rest of the day.

Both Nick and I got to hold her today.  She’s still having lots of bradys, but we’re thinking they are due to the fact that her belly and intestines are now being forced to work (since the drain has been removed).   The Physician Assistant isn’t too concerned about the bradys because she makes such a quick recovery.  Honestly, they last about 15-30 seconds.  It feels like an eternity, but they are fairly quick and she usually jumps right back up to her normal stats within seconds.  I tried making a deal with her today.  I’d give her $1.00 in her bank account for every time I heard an alarm in the NICU that did NOT belong to her.  Typically alarms are going off left and right in that place.  Unfortunately, Georgia was at -$2.00 within the hour.  Apparently bribery does not work on a 13 day old.

Sleeping in my blanket from Great-Grandmom, Rosalie, and in my new hat from Lorraine
When I was holding her today, she definitely was wiggling around a lot more, arching her back, making grunting noises, turning red in the face, etc.  We’re hoping that means something is working down there and we’re getting ready to change dirty diapers soon.  Basically without the drain, the doctors are forcing everything to head down instead of being sucked out by the pump.  We’re actually surprised she hasn’t had a massive spit-up yet.  She had a few minor little ones today, but nothing major.  She’s still acting like her belly hurts, which I wouldn’t be surprised if it did!  So, it looks like she has a case of reflux at this point since her belly isn't completely functioning independently at this point.

Nick and I decided to head home early tonight (sad that we consider 7pm early!) since we got to the hospital earlier today due to my doctor’s appointment.  It felt amazing to come home and have a “normal” night.  Nick watered the plants while I did Georgia’s laundry.   Yes, the baby has laundry from the hospital.  We moved some of our 100+ ounces of pumped breast milk into the new spare basement freezer.  We actually watched some live television.  For the first time in a month, coming home seemed like a normal activity.  Then I remember that one member of our family didn’t get to come home with us and it seems horrible that we left early.   I’m already counting the minutes until we get to see our beautiful little peanut tomorrow!!!

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Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

Glad to read an upbeat blog today! :) Glad you can drive and are healing nicely. I wouldn't look at the scar either. eek! Weight Watchers has nothing on the NICU, huh? 10lb weight loss in 6 days? I'd like that diet post delivery, but would prefer Georgia's cousin not to end up in the NICU.

I was thrilled when i got your text yesterday w/pretty Miss Georgia free of tubes and wires!! I hope her intestines are working and she has a a successful poop soon!

Watch out Nursing Supervisor....

Looking forward to continued good news.