Sunday, May 15, 2011


So today started the same as most days... we called into the hospital to hear the nightly report.  Not surprisingly, Georgia had some spit up overnight, so the nurses inserted a drain into her tummy to remove some of the bile.  I immediately looked at Nick and said that the surgeons were not going to be happy about that during rounds! 

The best news of the morning was that her bili levels were down in the 4 range.

My mom and I took the early shift today.  As soon as we arrived, the nurse practitioner swung by and let us know that the drain was still in, but that the surgeons recommendations were that it should be removed.  I love the constant drama of the nurses vs. surgeons! 

Due to her low bili level, I got to cuddle with my girl for about an hour before Nick arrived and we switched off.   Mom and I had fun plans for the rest of the afternoon...  A huge thanks to my friend, Becky, who threw me a great little shower here in MD (and a big thanks to her mom for volunteering her house for the party location!).  Originally, this was going to be a shower for the folks who couldn't make it up to Boston for my shower there.  However, since Georgia decided to make an early arrival the weekend of my MA shower, this was the only shower that I got to have!  It was great to have a chance to have a "normal" afternoon with friends.  Although there was lots of Georgia talk!  Thank you to everyone who sent their gifts down to MD.  I'm overwhelmed by everyone's generosity.  Georgia is going to be the best dressed baby in the NICU.

Nick took the afternoon shift with Georgia and got to be a great kangaroo dad for the day.  His direct quote, he "rooed her like she had never been rooed."  He ended up keeping her in kangaroo care for 5+ hours.  I'm completely jealous and blaming him if her bili levels go up tomorrow!!  He also stuck around for bath time and the good news is that Miss Georgia now weighs 3.4 lbs (up from 3.32 lbs from Friday).  Apparently she was none to happy about having to go back into her isolette at the end of the day, so she was quite fussy when he tried to leave this evening.

Unfortunately, Nick has to go back to work tomorrow!  :(  So, I'm glad he got in some good cuddle time with Georgia today.  Tomorrow we'll be trying out our first day on a new schedule, so wish us all luck.

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