Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chunky Monkey!

The big news of the day.... Georgia went from 3.04 pounds to almost 3.2 pounds since Sunday.  So, we're thrilled that she's gaining weight while still not being able to eat/drink any breast milk.  She is still just on her "gatorade" mixture of protein, fat, and electrolytes.  Her birth weight was 3.3 lbs, so I'd love to see her get back to that ASAP.

The other good news is that the nurse is going to recommend that she no longer needs her nasal cannula during rounds tomorrow morning.  She is breathing just fine without it (considering she wears it on her forehead half of the time!).  A few other nurses have also noticed that she doesn't really need it, but they have left it there since she is so tiny and so young.  Basically, it is there in case she needs it to support her breathing.

More good news is that her pump is now just on gravity and no longer on suction.  According to Nick, that is the first step towards getting her off the pump and starting to work on getting some real food in her belly.  Still no sign of poop!!  But, thank you to everyone who wished me poop on my 1st mother's day!

Taking a nap in my new favorite hat and blanket.

Cuddle time with Daddy

Waiting for Daddy to change my diaper

And the best news - she is on only one bili light now and it is the one that she lays on.  They took away her Hollywood spotlights today because her level dropped to 6.1.  Hopefully it will keep going down and she won't have to wear those glasses anymore!  I think I may frame them for her bedroom when they are no longer needed to remind her of how much she LOVED them!

Neon blue baby!

She loves curling up into a ball in there!

The only bad news from today was that she had a very brief brady episode while Nick was holding her.  All of a sudden all the alarms went off and her heartrate dropped below 100.  Since she was in Nick's arms, he just started rubbing her belly and her heartrate came right back up.  Do not do that to your mother, Georgia!!!!  I watched her like a hawk the rest of the day.  It didn't help that she was so quiet today and the nurse said something like, "We'll keep an eye on her to see if she is getting sick."  Again, please don't say things like this in front of me.  It just gives me an anxiety complex and poor Nick has to reassure me that she is fine for the next 3 hours.  I knew that she was quiet because we both got to hold for about 2 hours, but still it made me nervous.  She is just so tiny.  I can't imagine anything that tiny getting sick.  No sick babies, please.

Nick had her swaddled so good, you couldn't tell there was a baby in there!

The "I'm concerned that you people are my parents" look.

Luckily, the real Georgia kicked in about an hour later when she started screaming like crazy because she was pissed that she was on her left side and not her right.  As soon as Nick flipped her over, it was like turning the switch off.  Perfectly happy baby again!  The same nurse was still there and was amazed to see the transformation.  Georgia showed her who is the boss in her room.

One of Georgia's new favorite things is eating her fingers...  We think she is trying to get to her thumb to suck on it.

Tasty fingers!

Loving my Mama and holding on tight

We stuck around for bath time tonight.  It's so interesting because we've seen three different nurses give baths so far this week and each one does it completely different than the others.  Even where to start is always up for debate.  Two nurses claim they always start at the head and one says she always starts at the feet.  They all use different washcloths, sponges, gauze pads, etc. 

Bath time!

Hanging out with Daddy while my bed gets changed

And ready for bed!!!!

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