Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celebrity Baby...

We've all known that Georgia has become quite an internet celebrity as of late.  Well, now, she is taking on tv!! 

My mom and I got a late start this morning because Nick had a super late night at work.  He finally decided to just work from home for the day, so we ran some errands before heading to the hospital.  Upon our arrival, we learned that Georgia had another day free from the bili lights, even though her levels had increased to 5.7.  She probably has one more day in her before she hits the magic "7" and gets placed back under her arch-enemy bili lights.

It was a short while later that Mom and I were sitting there in the hospital room when a few official looking hospital folks came in to introduce themselves.  They wanted to know if an ABC news 7 crew could come in and film Georgia and I in the NICU.  Apparently they were doing a story about Children's Hospital and needed some footage of a baby and her mom.  The nurses nominated Georgia!!  Of course, it was the morning that I did not blow dry my hair and just threw it into a pony tail.  Georgia was sooooo good for the cameras.  She barely moved (keep in mind the kid's nickname is "Ninja!"), her numbers/stats looked great, etc.  The camera man zoomed in on her tiny feet and the reporter commented on how tiny her feet looked compared to the giant bandaid on it.  If the story airs as planned, it should be on Thursday night during the 11pm news on our local ABC channel.  I had to sign a release form and they asked for the correct pronunciation of our last name, but could not guarantee that any of the footage would be used or if they would even say Georgia's name on tv.  Should we get this kid an agent or what?!?

Adult band-aid on a tiny foot

Of course, for the rest of the day, Georgia had lots of visitors coming in to talk about her news debut!  Again, I couldn't walk up and down the hall without gettings lots of Georgia comments.  Today, the conversations were about poop AND her possible film career.

It was another big day because for the first time since getting in the hospital, Georgia got to wear some real clothes.  Her preemie t-shirt was HUGE on her, but it looked adorable.  She even wore it during our kangaroo session this afternoon. 

Look at my new outfit!!

How do I look?  Ready for the camera?

Before we left today, Georgia got a whole new isolette.  Apparently they change them out every few weeks for infection control.  She got her bath in her new isolette tonight.  Since it was a bath night, we also weighed in... 3.57 lbs!!!!  Wahoo, Georgia.  She's still gained weight.  Still no poop.  They gave her a suppository today to try to help, but no luck.  We're hoping that she's saving it for Nick's birthday tomorrow.

A new bed arrives for Georgia

Trying out her bed

All swaddled and ready for bed

Fighting sleep


Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

wow, my niece is a star! :) Love it!

She looks so alert and happy in those pictures. New bed, new outfit....debut w/the camera. Now if she would just poop....

KC said...

so fun for you to be on camera!
love her outfit. xoxo