Friday, May 20, 2011

The Diva...

Apparently Georgia's new found celebrity status has created quite a diva.  She was NOT pleased that she still needed to wear her sunglasses today, even though her bili levels dropped into the 7 range.  We anticipate she'll need a few more days of light therapy before she drops to a level that will free her up for a few days.  Of course, if she just pooped...

She had a pretty quiet day compared to yesterday, especially since there weren't many people poking and prodding her.  Mom and I constantly got up throughout the day to fix her glasses, since she does such an excellent job of knocking them off.

Quality time with Mimi before she returns to Massachusetts tomorrow

Listening as Mimi tells her a good story

Again, Nick and I both got some good cuddle time today.  Before we left for the night, we had bathtime.  The best news, Georgia again gained some weight.  She is now up to 3.77 lbs!  Can you imagine if this girl could actually eat?!?  I felt horrible during kangaroo time today because it is so obvious that Georgia just wants to eat.  She gets so upset as she licks my chest and rubs her face around.  Today, she finally took the pacifier and soothed herself for about 30 minutes.  The girl is hungry!  Even the lactation consultant agrees that perhaps some food would do her well.  She jokingly told me to accidentally fall asleep during kangaroo time and perhaps Georgia may accidentally find herself a snack!

A very hungry baby!

Kangaroo time with Daddy

Getting Shamu kisses

She loves being a naked baby during bathtime!

So hungry that she is trying to eat Daddy's hand?!?!

We decided that since it was Friday night and we all deserved a treat, we took my mom to Good Stuff Eatery for some late night burgers, fries, and a shake on the way home.  It felt so weird to be out doing something "normal" like grabbing a quick bite to eat.  I hate doing those normal activities knowing that Georgia is lying in a hospital bed in the city when she should be safely still tucked away in my belly.  But, I know that we have to have our own normal too.  We certainly could not ask for a more qualified babysitter than a NICU nurse!

My mom has become quite the DC driver over the past week as she has acted as our chauffeur.  Today, we counted the number of lights from the beltway exit to Children's Hospital... 33.  And how many were red when we got to them?  More than 50%!  My mom's favorite quote of the week, "Alright, let's see how many a&%holes are on the beltway tonight!!"  I'm loving the new aggressive driving Sue!  She's starting to realize how crazy the driving really is down here.

Torture photo of the night....
The nurses suggested that Nick take home one of Georgia's blankets or hats and let our cat smell it to get used to her smell.  Nick took it a step further and wrapped KC in the blanket!!!

One unhappy cat!


Anonymous said...

I check this every day Jenn and love to see Georgia growing so! Thinking of you all.

Anonymous said...

I try to check every day to see what is new with Georgia. So glad she is gaining weight. I can just imagine Sue driving the wonderful beltway. I am glad your Mom can get down to help you all. Will keep everyone in our prayers.
June Beaver