Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4 LBS!!!

The big news from the night is that Georgia now weighs 4 lbs!  To be specific, she now weighs 4.16 lbs!!  Wahoo. 

She was still on the bili light today because her level only dropped down into the 7s yesterday.  However, the new robo-cop baby glasses are working out much better.  Thank you, Nurse Renee!!

Look at those chubby cheeks!

I wonder how much those cheeks weigh?!?!

Georgia got to meet a new friend today.  Uncle Nick Sargent swung by to say hello since he was downtown for some meetings. 

The rest of the day (from the earlier post) was pretty much the same - they kept pumping in 3cc of breast milk every few hours.  The bad news was that at the end of the night, the nurse was able to suction all 9cc out.  Boo!  However, they just pumped it right back in after they finished measuring it.  Ewwww! 

Wide awake

We were able to chat with the Nurse Practitioner before we left and discussed the study from yesterday.  He was pretty confident that the final radiology report that labeled Georgia as having edema was accurate since it was the Chief of Radiology that came up with that diagnosis.  I'm hoping they're both right.  The NP wasn't sure why they never did a repeat x-ray this morning.  They were going to see what happened after the 9cc was given another chance to digest.  We're hoping for a good report when we call in at midnight!

Resting with Mama

Snuggling while Daddy made the bed

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