Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Well Behaved Baby...

Thankfully, DQ behaved today!  After all the action yesterday, it was nice to relax today and not be strapped to the monitor all day.  Apparently I was the talk of the ward yesterday and Baby Girl's heart rate was up on the big screen at the nursing station so that everyone could keep an eye on her yesterday.  Does she like attention or what?!!  She was on the monitor very early this morning (when I wrote my first post) and then again early this afternoon.  Both times she got rave reviews from the nurses on staff.  No decelerations in her heart rate today.  My mom got to listen to her hiccups during the second session.  She had crazy loud hiccups for about 30 minutes.  They were so loud that they muffled her heartbeat a few times on the monitor. 

I had some visitors this afternoon - Susan, Malon, and Adrienne stopped by and visited for awhile, which was a great distraction for a short while.

Unfortunately, my mom has to return to MA tomorrow.  She's been such a big help being here and relieving Nick for portions of the day.  She'll return in 10 days and I'm under strict Mommy-orders to not have a baby before then.  If this baby is smart, she'll listen to her Mimi!!!

It looks like I will have another sonogram tomorrow.  At our last sono, my amniotic fluid level was 2.6.  So, we're aiming for something a little higher tomorrow.  I'd kill for a 5!  So sad considering I started off as a 30.  According to the nurse today, on the last sonogram, Baby Girl scored a 6/8 on her BPP (bio-physical profile).  Apparently she automatically loses points because of her loss of fluid, so 6 was the best score she could get.  The other points are based on her tone, swallowing/breathing, movements, etc.  So, we're aiming for another 6 tomorrow and maybe some increased fluid (fingers crossed).  I'm chugging water like a camel, so hopefully that will help her a bit!!

Back on the monitor at 11pm...

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Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

I will be stalking this site and my Iphone waiting for a good report! She's clearly and, 6 it is!! :)