Monday, April 18, 2011

Ups/Downs, Decels, and Dips...

I knew I was jinxing everything when I called her a "well behaved baby" in last night's post!  The Drama Queen returned to her normal self late last night.

Again, during last night's strip, she had a "dip" or "decel" or "change of baseline."  It seems as though every doctor and every nurse has a different term for it.  Basically, it is when her heart rate goes from her standard (130s-160s) and drops into the 100-120 range.  The nurses all react differently.  Last night, the nurse barely reacted.  She just came in, asked me to roll onto my side, and increased my iv fluids.  They took me off the monitor after an hour and all seemed well.  This morning, no one blinked an eye.  Again, after an hour, I was taken off the monitor.  The other day, everyone rushed into the room.  The consequence was that I had to stay on the monitor all day.

The perinatologist was in this morning.  She said that the "dips" seem to be standard procedure for DQ.  She typically recovers in a few minutes and comes right back up.  It seems as though they would be more concerned if her heart rate stayed there for a longer period of time.  She said as long as it doesn't stay low, there is no reason to take her out at this point.  She just wants to keep a close eye on it at this point since things can change pretty quickly and they want to continue to monitor her for those changes.

The nurses this morning started calling it a "change of baseline" meaning that she re-establishes her heart rate at that lower level.  However, another nurse said that for it to be a true "change of baseline," it would need to stay at that level for 10 minutes or longer.  She usually only stays there for a few minutes (at which point, I feel like my own heart is about to explode!).

Back on the monitor this afternoon...  Hopefully we'll have our updated sonogram sometime this morning.

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KC said...

You are superwoman! I'm glad to know that DQ is safe and sound. xoxo