Thursday, April 28, 2011

This Could Be It...

Well, they are moving me to the Labor/delivery unit. Basically, we are on standby for a c-section. I'm praying it's not an emergency or they may have to put me under general anesthesia. I would really prefer to be conscious during the first moments of my daughter's life.

It's hard to imagine that this phase may be ending. It seems like it just begun. Only a few weeks ago I had a totally normal pregnancy. We'll have to see what the evening brings. Nick and my mom are here, so I'm sure they'll report if there is any big news.

Everyone knows I'm not good with the unknown and unplanned, so this has been a real test. I can't begin to thank everyone for all their wonderful thoughts, emails, texts, calls, and prayers. Please keep us in your thoughts tonight. Hoping that we bought DQ enough time for her lungs to grow a bit stronger. We're hoping for a nice fat baby that can beat the odds in the NICU!


Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

I'm sure she's like her parents.....strong!! You bought her more time. Have had great care. I am confident DQ will thrive and dazzle all the dr's!

If she arrives tonight, it's to upstage the royal wedding!


Anonymous said...

I agree -- who needs a royal wedding when you have your very own Queen --DQ--Good luck and God speed to you and Baby DQ -- I will be thinking of you!!

Cathi C.