Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rough Morning...

After a great strip last night, we were hoping for a great morning strip too. I actually sent Nick home to get a decent night's sleep for a change, so he missed most of the morning drama. Typically, she is on the monitor for approximately one hour. Everything looked pretty good this morning until the very end when she had a scary dip. So, back on oxygen for me and they pushed a bunch of fluid from my iv. For the time being, she will be on the monitor continuously for the day unless one of the doctors clears her. So, it's been a long morning already. Being stuck in one position for this long is a real test for my back and hips. Not to mention my poor bladder!

Again, thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Feel free to send some extra ones this morning. Hopefully this little episode will pass and we can achieve our next goal - Easter and 29 weeks!

1 comment:

Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

Oh DQ...knock it off!!

I'm sorry Jenn. I can't imagine how tough this is on you. :(

When this is all over and little DQ is home healthy and packages galore are in order!
Love you guys!