Monday, April 4, 2011

A Nursery in Progress...

So while we had all of our helpers this weekend, we thought it would be a good time to take advantage of them and put all the future grandparents to work on their granddaughter's nursery!

Of course, the first stop was her closet (the spoiled brat already has a walk-in closet; it took me 25 years to get a walk-in closet!) to check out all the wonderful gifts that people have already sent her.  And maybe mommy has done some shopping already too!

The first step to get the room going was painting.  We decided to keep the walls a neutral khaki so we could use a lot of colorful fabrics in the curtains and bedding.  Kevin was put to work on Saturday painting the room, so that we could all work in there on Sunday.

My mom and Jan went to work ironing the new curtains and Nick was put in charge of hanging the new curtain rods.

Mom ironing the nursery curtains

Nick figuring out the double rod

Mom and Bruce hanging curtains

My mom bought us a beautiful crib and dresser set a few months ago, so we put Nick and Bruce to work putting everything together.  It came together fairly quickly.

The next step was putting a large tree decal on the large wall.  Nick started off by taping up everything and doing all the hard work to make sure everything lined up perfectly.  After that, the ladies organized and started an assembly line to get all the pieces on the wall.  Everyone contributed and we made sure everyone got to put at least one flower on the tree! 

Not a bad start!  Nick and I ordered another piece of furniture for the room and are just awaiting its delivery.

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