Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not Failed...Bombed!!!

Good news, the doctor came to see me and let me know that I "bombed" the GD test!  Well, I guess that's better than failing by one point!

Then, the perinatologist came in laughing and asked if I cheated on the test because my scores were so unusual.  Apparently most people's test score peaks around hour one or two.  My scores kept getting higher and higher and higher.  Awesome.  I love to confuse the doctors!  He kept asking me if I ate in the middle of the test to skew the results.

So, no blizzard for me tonight.  Although my co-worker, Jacquie, came to visit and brought me sugar-free angel food cake and strawberries today.  It tasted like heaven! 

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Anonymous said...

You just can't catch a break! I hope you and DQ are doing better today. We miss you!- Robin