Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A New Friend...

Well, we got a new purrrfect addition to our hospital room today - meet Lulu...



Apparently Nick told his Aunt Katy and Uncle Steve that I was really missing our cat, KC, at home.  So, they sent us a cat for the hospital.  She arrived at the perfect (or should I say "purrfect" time) last night.  We both needed a good laugh and Lulu definitely provided that.    The nurses are literally bringing people into my room to meet the cat because they are so entertained by her.  She meows, she purrs, etc.  The booklet says that after 7 minutes of inactivity, that she will go into sleep mode.  Not so much.  Nick walked by her last night after she hadn't moved in more than an hour and she started meowing at him.  So, needless to say, Lulu gets switched to the OFF position at bedtime!

Thanks, Katy & Steve!!!!

In some good news, I'm taking the 3 hour gestational diabetes test tomorrow morning.  Fingers, toes, and whatever else people can cross.  I desperately want to pass this test.  The nutritionist was in today and was not happy that I have not gained any weight since being inpatient.  Obviously she doesn't know me - gaining weight has never been an issue for me!!   Up until I was placed in the hospital, I had gained 16 pounds during my pregnancy.  When my water broke, I lost 10.  So, I'm hovering at a 6 lb weight gain total and they would like me to gain at least another 5-10 lbs.  However, when you are eating rabbit food, it's a pretty good diet plan.  So, she has changed my current diet to increase the amount of protein I am eating at each meal.  Can't wait for my side of chicken breast with my chicken breast!  My new fantasty is that I pass this test and can actually eat something wild and crazy this week, like cheerios!!!!  Of course, my fantasty Dairy Queen blizzard is out there somewhere!


KC said...

Crossing my fingers for the Blizzard!!!!
If so, Chan and I will bring you another one later in the week!

Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

What a great gift! Nice Katy & Steve!! :) I hope she keeps you company. Perhaps KC could Skype you when Nick is home? :)

Fingers, toes, eyes....it's all crossed!


Anonymous said...

Liisa here,

Hang in there Jenn! Thinking of you lots. The kitty is cool in a very spooky way...