Saturday, April 2, 2011

Moving Day

It's been a LONG weekend so far! 

Moving weekend officially began on Thursday night with the arrival of Nick's parents, my mom, and Kevin.  After a quick dinner, we brought everyone over for an official tour and moved in some awkward items that didn't quite fit into boxes.

Friday morning started with the arrival of the movers at both our condo and our storage area. 

I thought it would be polite to offer my mom a yogurt.  Ooops - packed the spoons already!

Kevin was immediately put to work painting at the new house in the family room/kitchen area.

Kevin rolling on Benjamin Moore's Carrington Beige

Both sets of movers converged at the new house in the late morning/early afternoon and the unloading began.

Bargain movers unloading in the driveway

Bruce, Jan, Sue & Nick unpacking the kitchen
One of the most entertaining projects of the weekend was Nick and Bruce's adventure with hanging the ceiling fan in our master bedroom.

Note: Nick starts the project with a blue polo shirt

Step #2 - Lost the shirt and gained an instruction manual

Nick & Bruce figuring out the wiring

Hmmmm.... back to the directions

Back up the ladder

Yippee - ceiling fan!

After a very long day, Nick finished off by installing the mini blinds in our bedroom around midnight.

On Saturday, we had a ton of help around the house from Susan/Malon and Liz/Nick, so many different projects got accomplished.

Kitchen with window treatment & new microwave installed

Nick's new baby (installed by Geek Squad)

Couch delivery!

Family Room looking good!

Big plans for Sunday include working on the nursery and master bath!!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful home! How lucky you are to have both parents helping! I can just see lots of Christmas's with a full home of family and a little girl giggling! A full & messy home is a happy home. Love to you and all the Best!