Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Long Day...

Well, Baby Girl started off the morning with a great hour on the monitor.  No dips or problems.  So, Nick decided to head into work for most of the day.  Jan arrived yesterday, so she stayed the day with me.

I had a busy day with visitors.  Liisa and Julie from work stopped by and kept me company for awhile.  Susan swung by again right after lunch.  And then the McMillens swung by before dinner.  I appreciate everyone stopping by for a visit.  It definitely makes the day go by a lot faster!!!  I know it's out of the way for a lot of people, so I greatly appreciate peoples' time and effort to come visit me.

Unfortunately, the afternoon strip didn't go quite as well.  Again, we had a dip.  The nurses called the doctor and they said it is to be expected with her fluid level being so low.  It's still scary and disappointing when it happens.  So, I ended up on the monitor for an extra hour while she recovered from her dip.  Luckily, she has always bounced back.  Fingers crossed that if these continue to happen, she will still have good recoveries.

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KC said...

Glad to hear about all of the visitors! Keep her in there until this weekend! xoxo