Saturday, April 16, 2011

Living Up to Her Nickname

The Drama Queen continues to live up to her nickname. She's developing quite a reputation.

Today, the doctor wanted me to be on the fetal monitor for 6 hours because the baby showed a few decelerations with her heart rate early this morning. We figured this would be an uneventful couple of hours so we sent Nick out to get a hair cut, run home, etc. She must be a daddy's girl because within minutes of Nick leaving, her heart rate dropped on the monitor, the nurses came rushing in, I was put on oxygen, etc. Luckily the entire event only lasted a few minutes, but it was fairly scary. I keep waiting for someone to bust in yelling "Code Red" like on tv. After a few minutes on oxygen, DQ decided to behave again. Of course, she's been a complete angel since her daddy returned. I'm going to require a heart replacement soon! My poor mom read the same page in her magazine five times and said she still didnt understand a word.

I just keep telling her that she doesn't want to be born today, so calm down and relax in there before the doctors are forced to take her out because of her antics!

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Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

Oh little niece....aka, have plenty of time to show us all how you are Daddy's Girl. Now is not one of those times....

Stay strong Jenn!