Monday, April 25, 2011

A Little Confusion...

So, first thing this morning I was told that I would go to PDC (Perinatal Diagnostic Center) for another sonogram today.  I've been scheduled to get two sonograms each week.  Okay, great.  Within a few hours of being told that, I got a call from PDC telling me that I would not be going for a sonogram today.  Apparently the perinatologist said that as long as everything was the same, then we only needed to have a sonogram one time per week.  Okay, thanks.  Then this afternoon I was told that I was going again.  Ummmm.... right hand meet left hand!

The best part of a sonogram is that I feel like I'm on a field trip - I actually get to see the hallway!!

So, different day, but same sonogram.  The baby again scored a 6/8 (everyone who knows me knows that not getting a perfect score is secretly killing me!).  Her fluid level is still hovering between a level 1-2.  As Nick said, "As long as it's not getting worse, I'm happy."

The baby is still breech and her head is now rapidly approaching being up in my rib cage.  Her butt is still sitting on my bladder.  Thanks, kiddo!

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Anonymous said...

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