Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Good morning and Happy Easter!  Nick and I both agree that we would prefer if the Easter bunny did not bring us any surprises today.  We would much prefer to celebrate Baby Girl's 1st Easter next year.

After yesterday morning's craziness, things have settled down a bit.  The baby was fine on both last night and this morning's strip.  I think she had a fairly significant dip/decel this morning, but the nurses didn't seem bothered by it.  There is a definite difference between the day shift vs. night shift and their reactions to things like that.  I'm fairly certain that if that dip happened during the day, I'd still be on the monitor!

Since it was the weekend, Nick had a sleepover here at the hospital last night.  Not the best night to do that.  I was woken up at midnight for meds, middle of the night for iv beeping, and then woken up at 5am to be on the monitor.  No rest for the bed-rest folks here!  As the doctor asked me this morning, "How is your incarceration going?"

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday and please eat an extra piece of sugary chocolate for me.  If I pass the 3 hour  GD test this week, I'm sending people out to buy all the clearance sale Easter candy so I can overdose on it!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter little one! Be good and stay in there!
Mary Grace XXOO

Susan said...

Happy Easter !! Thinking of you. Next year we can enjoy Easter.
Love, Mom

Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

Happy Easter to you, Nick and DQ. Next year DQ will have a wonderful 1st Easter.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Jenn..... I hope that you and Nick have a quiet day!! Tell DQ that the Easter Bunny will see her happy smile next year!

Cathi C.