Saturday, April 30, 2011

Georgia Grace...

I guess we won't be making it to my baby shower in Massachusetts today.  Ooops - change of plans!

Well, we made it through our first 24 hours as parents.  Georgia continues to do really well in the NICU and is most likely going to be transferred at some point today to Children's Hospital.  Since I'm not being discharged until at least Monday, Nick will go with her and watch over her at the new hospital.  We're still being told that there is the possibility that she will get her surgery tomorrow!  We've been warned that there will be good days and bad days in the NICU, so we are taking things day-by-day and are thrilled with how everything has gone so far!
Since she's going to be leaving us, Nick spent a few different sessions with her yesterday.  He got to kangaroo with her several times.  Here is some further info about kangaroo care:

Nick giving Georgia some kangaroo care.

Since I had to wait 24 hours before having my catheter removed, I wasn't able to go back down last night as originally planned.  Instead, I got my first pumping lesson!  So, first thing this morning, they took out the catheter and got me up and walking.  Holy mother of god - those first few steps were awful!  The doctor came and removed all the dressings from my incision site.  Again - why in the world has someone not invented tape that doesn't feel like it is ripping you apart when it is peeled away?!?!?  I certainly won't need any waxing in that area for a good long time.  The doctor said everything looked good and ordered me some of the good drugs for the pain.

In a weird development, I woke up with a ton of throat pain.  I called in the nurse and explained that I was having difficulty swallowing because it felt like there was something blocking my air way.  She paged my Ob/Gyn, who had no clue what I was taking about.  So, they sent in an anesthesiologist, who thought that perhaps I was having some weird reaction to one of the drugs I was on or from the spinal yesterday.  They ordered respiratory therapy to give me benadryl and some treatments, which didn't do much.  Luckily, my mom had snuck in some sugar-free fudgicles last week and that felt fantastic on it!  Another doctor thought I might just have picked up a random infection, although I have no fever and feel okay besides the funky swallowing thing!

I finally got to head back down today and was able to kangaroo with her for about 90 minutes.  It's fantastic to just hold her and feel all her little movements.  Her cry is beyond cute at this point - she sounds like a kitten meowing.  She HATES when the nurses move her around.  Apparently last night when Nick was down there, she threw a total hissy fit because she hates when the nurses take her temperature under her arm pit.  It's not just when the nurses do it.  Nick got to take her temperature again last night and she hated every second of it.  Nick also helped change her diaper last night.

Kangaroo time with Mommy

Kangaroo time with Mommy while holding Daddy's finger

In other good news, they've cut her air flow in half because she was doing a better job maintaining her levels.  They were also finally able to get the main line in and said it is good for about one month.

I have to tell you - she seems gigantic compared to some of the other babies down there!

So, no one accurately guessed the background for Georgia's name, so I guess I'll fill everyone in...

On November 18, 2006, Nick and I were first introduced during a bar crawl in a little area of town known as GEORGETOWN!  When we first started thinking of names, we really wanted something that meant something to us.  So, we started brainstorming things we had in common (like scuba diving), places that meant something to us (we didn't want to name her Bora Bora) and something not extremely common.  Throw in the fact that I've had 8 years working in an elementary school creating a No-way/No-how list of names that will forever be ruined for me, and we had some limited choices!  For the majority of my pregnancy, we actually had an entirely different name picked out for her, but it was very common and consistently in the top 5 names list every year.  Growing up a Jennifer, I didn't want for her to be one of five kids in her kindergarten class with that name.  So, we went back to the drawing board.  Georgia kept coming up.

Of course, we thought we had at least another two months before settling on anything and we've been so pre-occupied by the move that we really hadn't discussed it lately.  However, as soon as we arrived at the hospital, all these little signs pointing to "Georgia" kept being thrown at us.  Just to name a few:
     * The hospital is located just off of Georgia Avenue.
     * One of our nurses told us that she used to live in Atlanta, Georgia.
     * The font that I use for the blog, which I started before I was even pregnant, is called
     * In the hospital bathrooms, all the hardware is labeled "Georgia-Pacific."
     * Nick went to re-set his iphone location and for some reason the default was "Georgia"
And so on!  So, we took it as a sign.  Each time one of these things would happen, we would just look at each other in disbelief.  So, we think it was a sign from above that someone wanted her named Georgia! 

We really liked Grace as a middle name and planned to perhaps use it with other name options we had.  After all this little girl has been through the past few weeks, she needs a little Grace in her life.  We've had so many people from every possible religious denomination saying prayers and keeping her in their thoughts and minds, so Grace it is.  Her Mimi is already calling her "Gigi" as a nickname.

Speaking of Mimi, she was fantastic yesterday and ran out shopping to buy some things for Georgia.  Since her hat was way too big, she went and found her a tiny little pink hat to wear in her isolette.  She also found her a little pink bear with angel wings to watch over her.  She got some new blankets, socks, etc.  Mom took them all home and got them washed so that Georgia could have them with her starting yesterday.

With her new pink hat!

Her new bear and blankets from Mimi

Again, the outpouring of support we consistently receive has been amazing.  I can only apologize that we haven't returned all the emails and phone messages that we keep getting.  Hopefully everyone feels like they are getting lots of information and updates from the blog.  We'd like to thank Ken/Sherrie and Elaine/John for the beautiful flowers they sent, along with Mary Grace for the inspirational quotes jar.  We are truly blessed to have wonderful friends and families!

Flowers from Ken & Sherrie

Flowers from John & Elaine

Inspirational quote jar from Mary Grace

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Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

S0000 happy Georgia is doing so well. She's one lucky little girl to have you and Nick as parents.

Love how her name came about. But why not Bora Bora? lol

Hoping you have a speedy recovery so you can join Nick soon over at Children's.