Monday, April 18, 2011

Different Day, Same Sonogram

So I was really excited about our sonogram today.  I kept thinking that I was doing everything possible by drinking copious amounts of water at all hours of the day.  Unfortunately, it didn't seem to work.  The nurses all thought it would help, but the sonographer burst my bubble when she told me that it wouldn't make that big of a difference.  Oh. 

Basically, our sonogram looked the same today.  Baby's fluid is still a level 2.  She scored a 6/8 again on the biophysical profile.  In a way, I'm thrilled that everything is the same and nothing lowered.  On the other hand, I'm heart-broken that no matter what I do, I can't really force my body to produce more amniotic fluid.  Even though I know I have absolutely zero control of the situation, I'm so disappointed and frustrated that I can't do something to help her.  Drinking all that water at least made me feel like I was being an active participant in this process.  So, it was a definite blow to my ego.  As a "do-er," I'm crushed.

In good news, she looked great on the monitor this afternoon.  No major drops/decels.  It was a quiet hour.  I'm assuming my next monitoring will be in 8 hours - in the middle of the night.  The doctor stopped by and reassured me that those drops aren't enough to pull her out yet, which is re-assuring.

In bad news, my mom had to leave.  She'll be back in 10 days so she told her granddaughter to stay put for the time being.  We experimented with dry shampoo today.  Not sure how I feel about the results.  I'd love another shower sometime soon.

Best news of the day --- Nick convinced the cafeteria to let me have some sugar-free chocolate pudding at dinner.  I have never in my life ever tasted anything so wonderful.  I literally licked the plastic container clean.  I think Nick was worried that I might actually eat the plastic container!  The baby kicked happily the entire time I was licking that container.

Today we hit 28 weeks & 2 days.  New mini-goal --- get to tomorrow and I'll have been in the hospital exactly one week.  That's one more entire week of growth and development that we bought DQ!!! 

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