Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Dance

I'm quickly learning that this whole situation is just a complicated dance.  It's one step forward, two steps back.  I was absolutely over the moon today because the baby had back-to-back great strips.  At the end of her afternoon strip, I got word that I was being sent down for a sonogram.  In my head, I kept thinking that maybe the good strips were a sign and that her fluid level had increased.  Wrong.  Instead, I found out that her fluid decreased to a level 1.  The tech reassured me that it meant nothing, as long as she keeps scoring well on the BPP.  Again, today she earned a 6/8 (same as her previous two ultrasounds).  So, instead of celebrating those two great strips, my mind just lingers on the number one.  I guess I'll go back to chugging water non-stop and hope that helps or at least helps me mentally to deal with this little set-back.  I asked the tech how much lower it could go and she said that sometimes there is zero fluid, but as long as the baby is moving, breathing, and has good strips, then all is okay in there.  I definitely do NOT want to hear that she has a level zero, so bring on the water pitcher! 

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