Thursday, April 14, 2011

Break from regular programming...

Well, looks like the house updates will have to take a backseat for awhile since Baby Girl and I are living at Holy Cross Hospital indefinitely.

The baby decided to try to make an early appearance on Monday night when I started leaking amniotic fluid.  At a regular doctor's appointment on Tuesday, they decided to send me to the hospital for monitoring.  If only Nick and I starred in a reality show, we could have won an Emmy for most entertaining performance on getting to the hospital.  We may have been a little shocked.  Ummmm... what packed hospital bag!?!?  I'm only 27 weeks pregnant.

So, we got here and got settled in.  The baby looked good on sonograms and on the heart monitors.  They started me on steroids for the baby's lungs in case she arrives anytime soon.  I'm also on penicillin, antibiotics, fluids, etc.  For 12 hours I was on magnesium, which was to help the baby's neurological development (again, if she decides to arrive anytime soon).  Best case scenario - she stays put and I live here at Holy Cross on bedrest until week #34 (7 weeks away).  Worst case scenario - she makes an early appearance and earns a one way pass to the NICU.  Either way, she is most likely coming out via a c-section since she is still breech (hmmmm - memo to self to cancel next month's labor classes at Shady Grove!).

My official diagnosis is PROM (premature rupture of membranes).  The baby's official diagnosis is duodenal atresia, which means she has a blockage in her belly that will need to be surgically repaired after she arrives.  We were supposed to meet with Children's Hospital this week to discuss the surgery, but obviously that meeting had to be cancelled.  They will wait and do the surgery once she is strong enough and big enough to make it through surgery.  Luckily, our amnio results and fetal echocardiogram results have all come back normal at this point.  We had just received the news about the duodenal atresia the week before and were settling in with that news when all this happened.  Luckily, it was caught on a growth ultrasound before she was born, so the hospital/surgeons/NICU are all aware of her situation.  At some point after her birth, she'll be transferred to Children's to get her repair surgery.  It looks like we'll be spending lots of quality time in the NICU after she arrives (whenever that may be!).

One side effect of the duodenal atresia was severe polyhydramnios (basically, my amniotic fluid levels were off the charts).  I was measuring at 35 weeks pregnant at just 27 weeks.  So, the thought is that all that pressure is what caused my membranes to prematurely break.

In bad news, I failed my gestational diabetes 1 hour test by 6 points earlier in the week.  I never got the chance to take the 3 hour test, so now I am in the hospital and labeled as a diabetic.  Yummy - sugarfree jello!!!!

Our first night here was adventurous.  We were in a double-room and barely slept at all.  Also, at 2am, my water officially broke (aka - holy flood!).  However, the baby still seems to be doing okay and her heartrate remains stable.

Luckily, yesterday we were transferred to our own private room in the High Risk Perinatal Center.  Our room number is 3205 and the phone is 301-754-8248.  PS - For some reason, we are also known as the "Thormans" and the "Spellissys."

My mom and Nick's dad have joined us in MD to help take care of us and the new house issues.

As of this morning, the baby is still doing well (she shall be referred to as DQ - Drama Queen).  I am not having any contractions.  I hate hospital food, especially that of the diabetic variety.  We have more techy gadgets in our room than NASA mission control, so feel free to email/text/call/etc.  I'm poked and prodded every hour on the hour, so we're awake most of the day.  We finally managed to get some "decent" sleep (aka - a few hours) last night.

It looks like we definitely won't be headed to Boston this weekend for Sherrie's baby shower.  At this point, it looks like our baby wants to be the first cousin born! 

More information about all our situations:


Duodenal Atresia:

We'll try to keep updating the blog with news and info.  It's been hard to keep sending out emails and keep track of who we have talked to and when!!  Hopefully this will help keep all our friends/family on the same page.  We appreciate everyone's prayers, good thoughts, etc.  We could use all we can get, so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for the time being.  Hopefully, DQ likes her current accommodations in the womb and decides to stay in there for a while to come.  Bring on May!!!


Sherrie said...

DQ...she has certainly earned that nickname...which is stuck w/her for life.

She is supposed to be born after her cousin. Competitive much? ;)

Jenn, I'm glad your sense of humor is still in tact.

Stay comfortable Jenn. Stay put DQ!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,
This is your very technologically challenged Aunt Polly...I have never been on a "blog" in my life...would not even know what it is except my students talk about it all the time. I do however know a lot about hospitals so I am sure you are bored/stressed/frustrated so I want to tell you Carrie, Kristen & I are thinking about you & praying to "important people" for you and Nick and your beautiful baby. Take Care