Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Yup, of course, I failed the GD test. At least that is what my least favorite nurse on the planet had the pleasure of telling me today. The doctor still has to look at the numbers. So there went the prediction of the nurses who have been taking my blood four times a day, the tech who saw my blood draw this morning, and just about everyone else who has seen my blood sugar levels everyday for the past 15 days. Good to know the 60+ times they've stuck my fingers haven't been in vain.

So, I will continue my stay in prison. Whoops, I mean the hospital. I can't decide when I sleep. I can't decide when I shower. And I still can't decide what I can eat. At least I control the tv and the seven different channel options I have to watch. When do they send up the psychiatry consult?!? I'm going to need it if they expect me to eat their hospital food for the next month.

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