Sunday, March 6, 2011

We have floors!

It's been a long two weeks since we drove up to the house.  Life has gotten busy with moving and baby stuff.  Last weekend we spent the weekend at Buy Buy Baby scanning items for our registry, so we skipped out on the house tour.  So, we were both really excited to get there today to see the progress over the course of two weeks.

The first thing we noticed is that we now have a driveway.  We didn't take any exterior shots today since it was POURING out!  But we managed to catch a picture of it from the guest bedroom...

The first thing we noticed in the house is that we have floors - both the hardwood floors and the carpets have all been installed.  We didn't get a great look at them yet since they are all still covered with plastic and protective cardboard.

Basement carpeting

Hardwood floor in kitchen

Living Room carpet

The kitchen is almost complete.  The flooring is in and the appliances have been installed.  We're just missing a cooktop stove on the island and the backsplash.




Sink and faucet

Undercabinet lighting in the kitchen
The main staicase in the foyer is almost complete.  It looks like it just needs a few more layers of stain.  The railing is finally installed on the upper level.


T minus 26 days until we move in!!

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