Sunday, March 13, 2011

More packing...

We took a quick swing by the house today, but didn't head inside.  We admired our new driveway and then peeked in through the front windows (which now have screens!).  We could see that the cooktop stove was installed on the kitchen island.  It also looked like all the plastic is gone and the carpets have been vacummed.  The wood floors looked nice and shiny.  We couldn't see our backsplash yet, so that remains the last main thing to get installed.  Pre-orientation before closing is only about 10 days away.  We are so excited.  Nick took his weekly progress photo and for the first time, we were actually parked in the driveway!

I wonder when we will get a yard?!?
We also continued our packing at the condo.  Nick spent a good chunk of Saturday packing up our "shed" on the porch.  I started in on the glassware.  Who knew we owned so much glassware?!?  It's sad that we tend to use the same glasses all week long.  I guess we need to diversify in the new house and start using the appropriate glass/stemware.

I managed to pack about 1/2 a cabinet worth of our glasses

Red wine glasses, margarita glasses, champagne flutes, and some pilsner glasses ready to go!

Our guest room is starting to get pretty full with all our new purchases and packed up boxes...

The big purchases of the week were lots of curtain rods for all our new windows.

Our closets are also a great place to stash packed boxes...

Boxes packed and ready to go

Coat closet with labeled/packed boxes

Ten days until pre-orientation meeting with the builders!!!!

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