Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's a Wrap!

Today was closing day on the new house.  We started off our morning back at the house walking around and checking out all the last minute fixes and repairs.

With the cars in the driveway

Nick walking around the back of the house

Plantings in the front yard

Our tree

We then had the actual settlement/closing at the lawyer's office.  Unfortunately, Wells Fargo was still crunching numbers, so we spent quite a few hours there.  And even when we thought we were done, we got a phone call that we had to head back and sign a few more papers.  It's never good when your school secretary pages you and tells you that you have an "emergency phone call from an attorney."  Poor Nick got the call just as he was walking into his office.  So, back to the lawyer's office for Round II.

We spent this evening bringing over our first round of boxes - mostly breakables, like wine glasses and other stemware.

First boxes in the house

We started filling up the coat closet

Dessert should always be the first item in your new fridge!

 Nick was very excited to pull his car into the garage for the first time!

He was not so excited about unloading it!

So kicks off moving week!  We're hoping to move over some smaller stuff each day this week before the big move on Friday!

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