Monday, March 21, 2011

And the pile grows!

The packed and ready to go piles continue to grow! 

We spent more time this weekend packing up non-essentials.  We started on the kitchen.  Why is it so tricky to figure out if you need a pot/pan for the next two weeks?!?  We've made lots of progress, but I feel like there is so much left to do before the big move. 

Only one more weekend left in this condo before the move.  Fingers crossed, but it looks like we might have a potential renter.  The property management group is running a credit report to check on the potential renter.

We have our walk-through or "pre-settlement orientation" on Wednesday morning.  We can't wait!  We'll be joined by our realtor and a private inspector.  We're hoping everything will be done, including the backsplash and our yard, which we have not yet seen.

I've also started another pile for fragile items that I'm hoping we can bring over before the movers arrive.  I don't need to deal with 12 broken champagne flutes!!!

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