Sunday, February 20, 2011

Packing - Stage I

We decided to start organizing for the big move this weekend.  There's only 5 weeks until the move, so we wanted to start to label the boxes that we had already packed/purchased.  We've slowly been ordering furniture and other needs for the new house.  We also took advantage of a tax free offer from the state of MD this weekend and purchased our new washer and dryer.  A huge shout-out to Lowe's who beat Sears pricing by almost $1,000 and threw in free delivery!

Our new Electrolux washer

Nick took on the duty of cleaning the rugs in the spare bedroom today.  It was by far the room that was the most damaged from the previous renters.  Nick was scrubbing away with a toothbrush and paint thinner all weekend and the rug looks brand new again.  You can hardly tell that there once was massive stains - including paint, black "stuff," and other unidentifiable stains.

Spare bedroom rug
We've been keeping all our new purchases in the spare bedroom, so while Nick was cleaning the rugs, I labeled each box in preparation for the move.  We had forgotten some of our purchases.  In fact, we bought a ceiling fan for the study this weekend and realized it is the same exact fan that we previously purchased for the living room.  Well, glad we still liked it and I guess our taste hasn't changed!

Some scenes from our weekend...

Moving around boxes

Crib rails and mini wood blinds for the nursery

Some boxes for the new house - microwave, ceiling fans, wet/dry vac, etc.

New leather chair for the study

Lots of boxes...

Starting to pack up the linen closet

Nick thinks all those years of playing tetris has finally paid off...

A much more organized stack and room

Kitten was exhausted from all the excitement around the house!

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