Sunday, February 13, 2011

It looks like a real house!!

After two weeks away from the house, we spent a great deal of time inside of it today.  It's amazing the amount of progress that has happened over the past two weeks.

The most obvious change was that the brick front has now been put on the house.  The step installation has begun, although not completed. 

Nick's weekly progress photo

Close up view of brick

Front door lighting

The last time we were at the house, we saw all the cabinet boxes in the garage.  Today, they were all installed.  The kitchen looks amazing and we're thrilled with all our choices.


Desk area in the kitchen




Future island

Cabinet interior

Flooring installed in fridge area

We did lots of measuring today today, including all the windows.  Time to start thinking about window treatments!

Nick measuring windows in the family room

Another big change was all the tiling work has been completed in the bathrooms, along with cabinet installs.

Basement bathroom cabinets

Tiling in basement bathroom

Tiling in master suite bathroom

Tiling in master suite shower

Vanity #1 (aka - Nick's cabinets) in master suite bathroom

Vanity #2 (aka - Jenn's cabinets) in master suite bathroom

Guest bathroom cabinets

Guest bathroom tiles in shower

Hallway bathroom tile in shower area

Hallway bathroom cabinets

We also saw some progress with lighting...


Dining Room

And last, but not least, as we were leaving we noticed that our address is now engraved in stone above the garage.


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