Sunday, January 16, 2011

Electrical week

Nick got a call on Friday morning that the folks from Vintage Security (low voltage installers) were working on the house that day and thought we were meeting them up there.  News to us!  However, we both managed to run out of work and meet with them to review phone, cable, and tv placements in the house.

Walking into the mudroom from the garage

It's amazing how fast the house has gone up.  We've been very impressed.  We have our private inspector coming this week for a pre-drywall inspection and then a meeting later in the week with the builders to discuss everything and look over everything before the drywall goes up.  We've been told that completion is typically 60 days after drywall starts!  So, we're looking at mid-March.

While we were touring the house with the electrical team, we finally got to head upstairs. 

Owner's suite bathroom (tub in corner)

Upstairs looking toward guest bedrooms

Owner's suite walk-in closet

Owner's suite - sitting area with double windows
It's been an exciting week with progress on the house.  We're hoping that everything goes smoothly with the rest of construction and we'll be settled in our new house by the end of March.  It looks like we'll have neighbors across the street from us pretty quickly.  When we were here last week, they just had a foundation.  This week, almost a completed frame.

Neighbors across the street from our house

Nick's weekly progress photo

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